Gain access to any website through a VPN

Reliable encryption, unlimited access to blocked content and anonymity - this is what favorably distinguishes Planet VPN from other competitors.

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Why use a VPN?

  • In order to remain anonymous online
  • In order to circumvent the restriction blocking the wanted website
  • In order to access the necessary website in educational zones
  • In order to communicate with friends and/or followers on social media
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How to use Planet VPN to access any website in 4 steps

  • Purchase


    Purchase a subscription to Planet VPN

  • Download


    Download and install the application on your device.

  • Connect


    Connect to one of our servers.

  • Visit


    Visit any website without restrictions

What websites can I visit using a VPN

With the help of Planet VPN, you can use various Internet resources, no matter which country you live in.

A VPN creates a tunnel between your device and the requested site. Encrypting the data, and thereby helping to remain anonymous and bypass the restriction to a particular resource.


Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google, Amazon Instant Video, Hbo go, CBC, NBC, LinkedIn, VKontakte, Instagram, Reddit, And many others

Thanks to Planet VPN, you can visit websites without restrictions, as well as remain anonymous on the web.

Freedom of Internet browsing with Planet VPN

If you want to securely encrypt your internet activity, use Planet VPN. The extensive network of Planet VPN servers covers hundreds of locations in many different countries. Thanks to this, Planet VPN does not only give you access to any website, but it also hides your IP address and encrypts traffic so that you can use the Internet safely, confidentially, and freely.

With the help of Planet VPN you can make purchases in any online stores, and use any social network. No matter which website you want to gain access to, Planet VPN will provide it.

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