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How to Block Websites on Android?

Is it necessary to block websites on Android phone? Yes, absolutely. While not all sites are harmful, many can wreak havoc in many ways. This piece aims to help you learn about how to block websites on Android phone, the different ways, and the necessity to keep specific websites blocked.

Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous devices that allow you to explore the internet and do all kinds of activities, from playing video games to accessing bad content.

As a parent, you might be searching for “parental control internet Android”. You need to have proper parental controls in addition to blocking adult websites on your phone. And it’s not only children that need to be saved from bad, unnecessary, and malicious content. You can be free of annoying pop-ups, ads, or malware and hacking, by blocking inappropriate and unauthorized sites.

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Plus, if you’re crazy about social media, blocking websites on Android (Chrome) can help get rid of the habit. Thus you and your family can benefit by knowing how to deal with the issues, for which the methods enumerated below can provide a successful resolution.

Use Mobile Browser to Block Websites

The add-ons in your mobile browser can be leveraged to block websites. Here, we use the Firefox browser for blocking sites on Android. The steps are given below.

For the Firefox Browser:

  • In your Firefox browser, use the menu option to choose the Add-ons feature. There, select the Extensions and look for BlockSite one by entering it on the search bar.
  • Add BlockSite to your browser.

  • A pop up will appear requesting permission for the installation of the add-on. When you agree to the conditions, it will proceed.
  • After installation, you have to allow BlockSite permission to access sites and enable it.

  • To Android block websites, you have to access the BlockSite menu and enter the site address that needs to be blocked.

Note: You need to uninstall any other browsers by using the app’s options in your phone settings. This is necessary if you want to protect your kids from unwanted and malicious information.

For Integrated Browser in Samsung mobile:

To block websites on your Samsung device, install the Trend Micro app, which is a good choice. Use the “Network Protection” option in the app for adding the sites that you want to block under the blocked list option. The protection has low, average, and high levels, which you can choose according to your preference. Verify the process by visiting the site you have blocked. You will get a pop up informing you that the site is blocked.

For Chrome:

Chrome has several extensions that you can use for blocking unwanted sites. Here we use the Blocksite app as it has good features. Access the Google App store and install Blocksite app. Open the app, and after enabling permissions for the app, use the + symbol located on the right lower bottom of the screen. Enter the site address you want to block and confirm it.

If you do not use the Firefox browser or the above method is not providing you the features you need, there are other ways given below, which are easy, simple, and effective.

App for Blocking Websites

If the browser option is not possible, you can use apps that can directly block the sites you want. You can use apps such as:

Google Family Link

If you’re looking for methods that help to block websites on Chrome Android, then this is an excellent method. This app can be used via your browser. It helps restrict access to adult material and some apps featured on the Google Play Store. However, make sure you have the 7.0 operating system version as this does not work in older ones. Most users search for terms such as “Chrome Android block website”, and this is actually the fastest option.

BlockSite App

Just as the browser add-on explained above, the app of the same name can also be used. The app is easy to use with its efficient interface. It has some special features like scheduling the blocking of sites and work mode, so your productivity is not affected. It automatically blocks all adult sites and individual web pages too.

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Mobile Security App

Do you want to be free of malicious information, phishing, hacking, and other dangerous sites? Using good mobile security and antivirus software combo is necessary. Some good examples include Trend Micro, Applock, Avast, Secure Call, Find My Device, etc.

Trend Micro has excellent parental control properties, robust security features, and a special Facebook privacy scanner. Mobile Security &Antivirus is another antivirus app that has unique website blocking features with inbuilt parental control.

Use Firewall

A firewall is another method to block websites on Chrome. The firewall can be used for rooted and unrooted devices.

With a firewall, you can have filters for specific domain names, hostnames, or even IP addresses. It also enables controlling specific app connections. You can also record all outgoing and incoming traffic, ensuring control over the sites accessed via your phone. However, using a firewall can slow down the speed of your internet connection.

Some good firewall apps to block intruders include NewGuard, NoRoot, AFWall+, Mobiwol, and NetPatch. NoRoot, as the name implies, is for unrooted devices, while AFWall+ requires a rooted device.

While choosing a firewall, make sure it does not contain ads or annoying in-app purchases, as it can also affect security. And opt for one that can be used without rooting. This is because rooting can void the warranty of your phone if you do not do it right. This can also make it susceptible to hacking and malware attacks. You will also be unable to access legitimate and safe apps features on Play Store.

Use OpenDNS

Are you wondering how to block a website on Android phone by any other method than listed above?

If you have tech-savvy kids who quickly get around any of the above methods or you want a more robust security option, OpenDNS is the choice to block them.

It tackles content deftly. Instead of using the DNS server of your ISP, you switch to OpenDNS, which filters all unwanted data automatically. However, this works only for your home Wi-Fi settings and not when you are using mobile data. Furthermore, OpenDNS will have all information related to your browsing history.

As you can see, there are several methods you can use to block a website on Android phone and ensure you and your family are safe from malicious content. Choose a manner that suits your requirements best.