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Anonymous Browsing

Each user gets free access to all web resources and can visit any websites in general. Prevent anyone from tracking you, whether it is your ISP or some intrusive third-party.

Access websites safely

You don’t have to worry anymore about censorship or blocked websites. Say goodbye to websites that are geo-blocked and get private access to any content you want.

Stable Connection

Our VPN offers a very steady connection thanks to hundreds of Chrome VPN proxy servers world-wide. Choose the one you prefer and enjoy an uninterrupted connection.



100% secure connection

Our VPN comes with the highest encryption standard to provide you with a highly safe and protected connection.

Hide your traffic

Our VPN hides your IP address, which means that nobody can know where the traffic is coming from. Your data is completely secure and nobody has access to any of your browsing-related data, including passwords and sites visited.

Secure Wi-Fi

Don’t be afraid to connect to Wi-Fi in a public place anymore. Our VPN makes sure that your data is protected so that you can connect everywhere you like



Data Encryption

We build an extremely strong VPN using the OpenVPN protocol combined with state-of-the-art RSA 2048-bit encryption

Protection everywhere

Our VPN everywhere, in any country you are, on any network you are using and for any internet-based content that you want to access

Preventing Surveillance

Nobody likes the idea of being watched. Hide your online activity from everyone, including your Internet Service Provider

3 simple steps to setup your VPN Chrome extension

1. Download
Download Planet VPN extension from Chrome Store
    2. Start
    The VPN add-on for Chrome will be automatically added to your browser panel, just click on it
      3. Connect
      Select a location and connect to the VPN Google Chrome extension

        Why choose the best Google Chrome VPN free - Planet VPN?


        Plenty of VPN locations

        We maintain hundreds of servers around the globe, in over 60 locations


        Smart filters

        Configure VPN and location selection, ad blocker, history recording and other features individually for each site


        Full confidentiality

        Conceal your identity online and enjoy full privacy as you visit your favorite websites


        Superior connection reliability and safety

        Our many servers and robust technology ensure an excellent connection on all devices


        Strong encryption

        We build a robust platform using 2048-bit encryption to make sure that all your precious data stays perfectly private


        Unlimited bandwidth

        ما هرگز پهنای باندمان را محدود نمی‌کنیم و یک VPN کاملاً بی نهایت را برای Chrome نگه می‌داریم


        Instant access to your favorite websites

        Don’t let any restrictions stand in your way anymore and access any website you’d like from any country


        Unblock and watch Live Streaming

        Circumvent geo-blocking once and for all and access any streaming site you want


        Compatible with any device

        No matter which device or platform you use, Planet VPN is always compatible with it!


        Smart connection and high speed

        Looking for a fast VPN for Chrome? Our VPN can automatically connect to the nearest proxy server to ensure the highest speed possible and a flawless connection


        Support 24/7

        If you run into any problem, reach out anytime to our friendly support team

        Find out why customers love the best Planet VPN for Chrome

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Is free VPN for Chrome safe?


        Absolutely! By using Planet VPN's Chrome extension, you can be assured of your online security. We prioritize user privacy and use advanced encryption protocols to ensure your browsing experience is secure. Unlike other free VPNs, Planet VPN maintains a strict no-logs policy, meaning we don't store or sell your data. Reliability and integrity are paramount to us. With Planet VPN for Chrome, you're not only safe but well-supported.

        Which free VPN extension is best for Chrome?


        A free VPN for Chrome is best when provided by a reputable company. These VPNs use encryption to protect your online data and ensure your browsing remains private. While it's always good to read user reviews and check the provider's privacy policies, many users have found free Planet VPN to be a valuable tool for enhancing their online security and privacy.

        Are free VPN safe to use?


        Yes, many free VPNs are safe to use. When backed by trustworthy providers like Planet VPN, they employ encryption and other measures to protect your online activities. While it's always recommended to do some research and check user reviews, many free VPNs offer a secure way to browse the internet, shielding your data from prying eyes. Make an informed choice, and you can enjoy the benefits of online privacy and safety.

        What is the best free VPN for Chrome?


        Planet VPN is widely regarded as one of the best options because it offers unlimited VPN bandwidth, high speeds and a very reliable encryption. On top of it, it is fully free!

        How to set up VPN on Google Chrome?


        So how to set up a VPN browser extension? It’s a very simple procedure: start by heading over to the Chrome Webstore and do a search for “Chrome VPN extension”. Click on it and then click on “Add to Chrome” and finally on “Add extension” in the pop-up. That’s it, no other VPN Chrome app settings required.

        • go to the browser settings menu;
        • select the Additional section;
        • click on Extensions;
        • enter Planet VPN in the search bar;
        • download VPN plugin for Google Chrome and add it to the panel;
        • click on the extension icon in the browser panel;
        • register an account (optional);
        • select a server for connection;
        • confirm the connection by clicking the "Connect" button;
        • to disconnect click "Disconnect".

        What VPN works with Netflix?


        While some VPNs struggle with accessing Netflix content from different regions due to technical challenges, others like Planet VPN excel in this area. Planet VPN offers dedicated servers optimised for streaming, ensuring reliable access to Netflix content worldwide. These specialised servers are designed to provide uninterrupted streaming experiences, allowing users to enjoy a wide range of content libraries without interruption. With Planet VPN, accessing Netflix from anywhere becomes seamless and hassle-free.

        Which VPN is best for streaming?


        When it comes to streaming, the right VPN depends on what you're looking for. Planet VPN stands out for streaming because of its dedicated servers designed for high-speed, buffer-free streaming. These servers are strategically positioned globally, granting access to a variety of streaming platforms and content libraries. With Planet VPN, you get top-notch performance for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience every time.

        Can VPN help with ping?


        Yes, a VPN can potentially help with ping, especially in certain situations. By routing your internet traffic through a VPN server closer to the game server, you may experience lower ping and reduced lag during online gaming. Additionally, VPNs like Planet VPN offer optimised gaming servers designed to provide the best possible gaming experience, including lower ping and improved stability. However, the effectiveness of a VPN in reducing ping can vary depending on factors such as server location, network congestion, and overall internet speed. It's worth experimenting with different VPN servers to find the best configuration for your gaming needs.

        VPNs have become increasingly popular over the years, allowing users to browse the web safely and privately. While there are several advantages to using a VPN, there are also many advantages to using a free VPN in Google Chrome.

        First, using our free VPN in Chrome allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and access content that may not be available in your country. A VPN allows you to connect to servers in different locations, allowing access to websites and online services that may be blocked or restricted in your region. This is especially useful for people who travel frequently and need access to online services in different parts of the world.

        Second, Planet VPN in Chrome provides an extra security layer by protecting your online activity from prying eyes. VPNs encrypt your Internet traffic and hide your IP address, making it harder for hackers and cybercriminals to track your online activity. This is especially important for those who frequently use public Wi-Fi networks, as these networks are often unsafe and can put your personal information at risk.

        Third, VPNs in Chrome provide more anonymity and privacy to help protect your online identity and personal information. VPNs prevent your ISP and other third parties from tracking your online activities, ensuring your browsing history and personal information remain private.

        Overall, using a free VPN with Chrome has several benefits, including increased security, privacy and access to content with geographic restrictions. However, given the variety of VPN services available, choosing a reputable and reliable provider that fits your needs and budget is important.