DNS leak

What is a DNS leak?

Even if you have the best VPN connected, alas, its technical capabilities do not guarantee the protection of DNS queries from your computer or mobile device. And this factor does not depend on the reliability of traffic encryption. If there is a DNS leak, it means that outsiders will see the web resources you visit, what actions you perform, and what applications you open and use for personal purposes.

DNS is a special system of address books, which is directly related to all manipulations that you make while visiting the Internet. For example, a browser or application uses DNS to perform a server search to generate a subsequent connection between services and sites that the client requires. The device forwards requests and receives response instructions to search for the target data. Consequently, it is DNS queries that determine the overall level of confidentiality of user data and can also pose a security risk. Checking DNS is easy - connect Planet VPN and free yourself from cyber threats.

How to avoid DNS leaks using the Planet VPN service

When the VPN is not enabled on your personal computer, the DNS service provided by your ISP is responsible for the security mode. But when Planet VPN is connected, only DNS servers of this service are activated. Full protection is guaranteed and risks of information leakage are minimized. The use of Planet VPN DNS-servers gives undeniable advantages:

  • High performance DNS servers Planet VPN;
  • Saving activity and connection logs is completely eliminated;
  • the most secure encryption of traffic.

The principle of work consists in the following actions:

  • When you need to open a page on the Internet, you enter a specific request and then click on the target link;
  • the selected address is sent to an encrypted tunnel to the DNS server, thus forming an access to the resource of interest;
  • the server receives a response and it is transmitted to the user to open the site.

All these actions are generated in a secure communication channel, so there is no risk of hacking or leakage. You can check DNS server online on Planet VPN website.

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Do you always need to check for DNS leaks?

Checking the DNS server is an important security measure that should be performed regularly. Even if you are already using the VPN service, there is a security risk associated with the DNS vulnerability. If an information leak occurs, it is accompanied by such actions:

  1. The user's computer will not send DNS queries to the Planet VPN tunnel, but to the public network.
  2. The user's computer will send DNS queries through the Planet VPN tunnel, but they will get to the external server instead of to the protected host.
  3. In both these cases, bystanders can see all the sites the user will visit, as well as all the applications and programs that are used in your work.
DNS check
Risks of DNS leaks

Why is there a DNS leak when the VPN is enabled?

Even if you use the VPN service all the time, there may be DNS leaks. Highlighting the following most popular causes of DNS leaks:

  1. This significantly increases the risk of information leakage and private data, and adds a factor specific to the configuration of the user's PC operating system. By connecting to Planet VPN, such problems are excluded, providing you with full protection;
  2. Attackers have intercepted control of your router, as a result of which requests from your PC are sent to the general network, rather than to an encrypted tunnel - this situation most often occurs when you use a Wi-Fi connection in public places (shopping center, sports club, cafe, park, etc.). It is enough to use Planet VPN service to eliminate all risks and potential vulnerabilities;
  3. DNS has been set up manually and the command not to use a connection through the Planet VPN server has been activated - it's best to avoid such events even if you are an experienced user, as it disrupts the overall cyber security of your computer.
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