Free VPN for downloading and listen music

Has your provider or system administrator blocked access to your favorite online radio station? Was your access to downloading MP3 music restricted?

- Don’t worry! Today you are always able to have Planet VPN! Our service will securely encrypt your data, to give you all the necessary tools without losing the speed!

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Is it possible to listen to music and radio online without restrictions?

Previously, the Internet user had access to virtually any music and any online radio. However, with the implementation of restrictions, the average human on the street can only listen to those soundtracks and radio stations that are allowed in their country.

With such restrictions, the user receives a corresponding message when trying to turn on a locked track or trying to connect to an online radio. Using a VPN, you securely encrypt all the data transmitted and received, as well as change your IP, so you bypass the restriction and listen to online radio and music without restrictions and loss of speed.

How to listen to music and radio online, download MP3s without blocking?

There are 3 simple steps only, to access all preferable radio stations, musical services, and websites to download MP3 music.

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    Download and install the application on your device.

  • Connect


    Connect to one of our servers.

  • Visit


    Visit any website without restrictions

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Is it possible to download MP3 soundtracks if the website is not available?

- Yes, even now, in the age of restrictions on the Internet, everyone can listen and download any song they want. This can be done using our VPN service. VPN is a secure data channel between multiple devices. VPNs are used to protect Internet traffic from intruders and censorship. With Planet VPN, you can listen to music online and download MP3 files from locked resources on any device.

We are constantly improving our network to provide you with the highest possible speed and unlimited bandwidth.


Planet VPN overcomes bans!

If you want to listen to music online on any device without lag and/or download songs in the form of MP3, Planet VPN is made for you!

Planet VPN performs several functions at once: encrypting the network, protecting the transmitted data and receiving Internet traffic from malicious perpetrators, maintaining anonymity, and providing access to all online resources by bypassing restrictions.

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