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The most reliable and secure VPN solution for your iPhone or iPad

  • Robust hard drive encryption is active on all servers across the world
  • Strong no record-keeping policy
  • No registration or personal data is necessary
  • No restrictions on time, traffic, or bandwidth usage
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3 easy steps to set up your VPN

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      3. Connect
      Choose a server and connect to VPN

        Download Planet VPN for your Apple devices

        Planet VPN can be installed on iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. You can increase the security and privacy of your online activities, browse the web anonymously, and safeguard your personal data by setting up a VPN. When connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, which are frequently unsecured and subject to cyberattacks, you must use our free VPN for iOS devices. Your online activity will remain private and secure if your Internet connection is encrypted using a VPN.

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        Key Features of Planet VPN for iOS:

        Protects your anonymity
        Protects your anonymity
        User privacy is paramount to our free VPN app for iOS, which has a strict no-logs policy and avoids data sharing with third parties. Plus, servers around the world are protected by strong disk encryption
        Planet VPN provides the highest connection speeds on the market
        Use torrents anonymously on your iOS device by hiding your online identity
        Kill switch function
        Kill switch function
        Our app automatically blocks all of your traffic if your VPN connection is lost, preventing unencrypted traffic from flowing through
        Unlimited time and bandwidth
        Unlimited time and bandwidth
        Planet VPN offers lifetime access to unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, which means you can browse, stream and download as much content as you want without restrictions
        Wide network
        Wide network
        We offer VPN services in more than 60 countries, providing you with a wide range of locations to choose from
        Solid encryption
        Solid encryption
        OpenVPN is the most secure encryption protocol for iOS devices
        Our website offers 24/7 assistance for complex issues via a live chat support system or an email ticketing system

        Real user reviews of Planet VPN across multiple platforms

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        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Which free VPN is best for iPhone?


        Planet VPN provides a seamless experience for iPhone users. Packed with user-friendly features and top-notch security protocols, it guarantees both privacy and fast connection speeds. A no-logs policy and robust encryption allows iPhone users to safely browse the web and access their favorite content. Perfect for those who value functionality and safety on the go.

        Which free VPN is best for Pubg?


        There are many VPN options out there, both paid and free. For PUBG enthusiasts, Planet VPN provides completely free of charge, smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Optimized servers ensure stable connections and reduce game lag. Planet VPN allows players to enjoy their PUBG from any region without any geographic restrictions. Plus, an extra layer of security protects your data while you play!

        What is free VPN for iPhone?


        Among several other options, Planet VPN offers iPhone enthusiasts a free, robust, easy way to maintain their digital privacy. Encrypt your online activity and mask your IP address for unlimited internet access. Its intuitive design makes it an ideal choice for iPhone users looking for a no brainer online protection. Browse the internet safely with Planet VPN!

        In the modern world, where online privacy and security are becoming more and more important, using Planet VPN on your iOS device offers a number of advantages. The following are some benefits of using a free VPN for iOS:

        • Heightened security: your Internet traffic is encrypted when you use a VPN, making it more difficult for someone to intercept and read your data. This is especially important if you frequently use unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, which can expose you to hacking and other online threats.
        • Privacy Protection: by hiding your IP address and making it more difficult to trace your online activities, our free VPN for iPhone and iPad can also help safeguard your online privacy.
        • Access to geographically restricted content: a VPN can assist you in accessing material that may be restricted in your area, such as streaming services or websites that are only accessible in specific nations.
        • Better performance: using a free VPN for iOS devices occasionally can boost internet speed, especially if you connect to a server that is nearer to your location.
        • Ad and malware blockers: some VPN services include ad and malware blockers. These features will shield your device from malware and stop ads from following your online activities.

        Overall, there are many advantages to using Planet VPN on your iOS device, from improved security and privacy protection to access to geographically restricted content.