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Planet VPN is registered under the jurisdiction of Romania, which allows us not to store logs of users' online activity, connection dates and IP addresses, as well as any other sensitive data about our users. Romania is part of the European Union and is not a member of any surveillance alliance such as the 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes or 14 Eyes alliances. The Romanian Senate unanimously rejected a data storage bill back in 2011. When you use Planet VPN, your personal data is 100% secure. Under Romanian law, we are not required to monitor our users. Our company is under no obligation to cooperate with any intelligence agencies, it allows us to strictly comply with the privacy policy of our users.


We will never ask you to provide additional information about the user except the EMAIL address and password


We have several options for receiving payment, including ANONYMOUS (Bitcoin, Webmoney)

What are the benefits of using Planet VPN to bypass blocked sites?

  • Our servers are placed in many countries: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, UK and USA.
  • Each VPN server has its own DNS of the country where it is located
  • There is a possibility of manual editing of ligaments
  • The set of available servers is constantly growing
  • OpenVPN 256-bit 2048 RSA technology (also support PPTP and L2TP)
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