Privacy Policy

As a service that provides privacy, we understand how important it is for our customers to know in detail the kind of personal information we collect, store and process. We did our best to make our policy on this issue as simple and understandable as possible, and you could get the necessary facts without bothering yourself with the study of many pages of boring legal text.
What information about all visitors is collected and stored on our site?
We respect your privacy, and to maximize your confidentiality, we collect a minimal amount of information – only your email in the case of a premium subscription. Email is necessary for the client to use the VPN on 10 different devices with just one subscription. We do not request or store your name, IP address, physical address, phone number, or other personal information. Payments are processed through reliable payment gateways that use a secure connection. We do not retain any details of payments in our system. Subscription renewals are accomplished by assigning a unique ID to each account.
What information do we collect and store when you register with our VPN service?
We collect as little information as possible to maximize your privacy, only your email needed. The email is required for the client can use the VPN on 10 different devices using only one subscription. We do not store and collect your name, IP address, real address, phone number or other personal information. Payments go through secure payment gateways using a secure connection. We do not store any payment details in our system. The subscription is updated by assigning a unique id to each account.
What information is recorded while clients are connected to our VPN service?
We keep a non-permanent connection log to address technical issues, including the random generation of names and internal assignment of an IP address (private IP address), which is securely deleted every few hours. We strictly and purposefully do not record any more information to mitigate our legal responsibility. To optimise network connection, information about a specific device, such as OS version, device model, and IP address, is displayed in our system only temporarily, exclusively while you are using it and is neither stored nor transmitted. After closing the application, all the information mentioned above becomes inaccessible to anyone. We do not use files, trackers, or other analytical tools to monitor your usage or behaviour. We only use necessary permissions and resources for the uninterrupted and secure operation of our application. We also do not track your browser activity and do not keep any records. This is simply impossible with our internal interface. All data about the use of the service is anonymous and not tied to your real, public IP address.
Planet VPN uses Google ADMob advertising services to deliver ads to users of their free VPN products. These services collect information related to ad delivery, such as:
1. Website or app where the ad was delivered: This helps them understand where their ads are being shown and measure their effectiveness.
2. Device-specific information: This can include device type, operating system, and other technical details that help optimize ad delivery and display.
3. Google ADMob advertising companies may collect information about your visit to Planet VPN websites and apps: This is done using cookies and other tracking technologies, allowing them to tailor ads to your interests when you browse other websites or use other apps.
4. Planet VPN may use third-party as Google ADMob advertising services to personalize ads based on matched email addresses or other personal information: This enables them to target their marketing efforts to existing or potential customers.
You can choose whether to allow data tracking when you first launch our app. A consent window will appear, giving you the option to reject or accept data monitored or filtration.
What happens if you receive a proper notice (for example, DMCA) about copyright infringement for the downloaded material?
Since our customers are anonymous during the use of the service, such notification will be sent to, and our legal department will send an appropriate response. Since we do not store logs (records) of the connection, we can not link the request to the client's identity, even if we are legally forced to do this.
How do we act when authorities ask us information about a client?
Our company is registered in Romania. If we receive a court order from an authorized person whose jurisdiction extends to, our company is obliged to comply with this order. Nevertheless, the company cannot be forced to provide data that is not possessed by company. When a user registers, we request a minimum of information - only a valid email. If it becomes possible at the legislative level to compel us to keep records about the connections of our customers or collect any personal data about the activity on the Internet, we will immediately notify our users and do everything in our power to change jurisdiction or close. Our service protects those who have trusted us with their privacy.
Changes to the Privacy Policy
The service reserves the right to make changes to the stated rules of the privacy policy at any time. In such cases, we will take all reasonable measures to ensure that such changes are brought to your attention – by publishing all changes prominently on the website for a reasonable period before the new policy takes effect, and by notifying all existing clients via email. We aim to protect your privacy and provide you with an excellent user experience. If you have any questions or comments regarding the stated rules, please feel free to contact us at