Cookie Policy

A cookie is a file that contains an unique identifier. This identifier is sent by the server to the browser and stored in the data holder afterward. As a result, this identifier is transmitted to the server each time it receives the request from the server to the browser page.

These files are divided into 2 different categories:

  • Permanent
  • Session cookies

The browser will store cookies from the first category until they are deleted (automatically or manually).

Session cookies are deleted automatically at the end of the user session (after you close the browser)

Cookies that are collected on Planet VPN do not contain any confidential or personal client information.

How Planet VPN is using the cookie files

Planet VPN is using the cookie on its website (available on: Description and regulations are explained on the related page.

By creating an account on our platform, users agree to the use of cookies for general administration and the registration process in particular. The use of cookies allows you to simplify the authorization process by removing the need to log in every time you visit the website and save your preferences while using the website. In particular, these cookies are automatically deleted after the user "Log out".

E-commerce and payment methods are presented on the website. Cookies are necessary to process the payments properly.

Planet VPN offers users to fill out the forms or participate in different surveys to educate service customers, provide useful information, or present useful tools to better interact with users. These surveys and studies may use cookies to avoid the same person taking multiple surveys.

When you are writing a comment on a blog or filling out any forms/applications, Planet VPN uses cookies to save user information for correct processing in the future.

When using the website, Planet VPN collects cookies for the best user experience on the platform.

Disabling cookies

You can disable cookie collection and usage (to get more detailed information, visit the Setting page in preferred browser). It should be noted that disabling cookies may affect the overall functioning of web resources. Therefore, turning off the cookies is not recommended.

Ways to disable the cookies depend on the various browsers, that's why Planet VPN presents the list of pages for different browsers.

List of the Cookies used on the Planet VPN

This will list the cookies that are collected and provided by reliable third-parties. The cookies listed below are the ones you will encounter while using the website

Google Analytics:

Those files are one of the most reliable. Their usage helps analyze the whole functioning of the website and recommends how to optimize it. The information collected includes the user's time on the page, the website, and the actions carried out on the platform.

For more detailed information about Google Analytics, go to the official page.


These cookies are one of the most trusted and reliable ones. Their use helps to qualitatively analyze the operations on the website and how to properly optimize its usage for clients and users on the platform. The information collected includes the user's time on the page, time on the website in general, and the actions carried out on the platform.

To get more detailed information related to Matomo, please visit the official page.


To provide you with the necessary assistance in the online chats and form "knowledge base", we use Zendesk. Zendesk can place some cookie files in your browser. They are known as the primal files and essential to store session information. For example, we use cookies on our websites to understand visitors' and users' preferences, improve their experience, track and analyze usage, navigation, and other necessary statistical information.

The privacy policy is available for review at.

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