The Best Free VPN for Instagram in 2024

Now you can always access Instagram to continue business via your account, and communicate with friends and followers as usual. And your data is encrypted because using a secure connection, you will be able to avoid third-party interference.

Free VPN for Windows

To use Instagram via VPN is the ability to stay in touch with your followers and friends around the globe. It is the ability to continue business via your account, make stories, view and publish reels, and work with the advertising account. With Planet VPN, you can blog, promote your account in the way you are usually used to, and at the same time you have several advantages.

Due to the current bans, using our free VPN for instagram is the only way to access your favourite social network. You can download it directly on this page by clicking the button above. The registration and entry of personal data is not needed.

If you still doubt Instagram will work via VPN, then we assure you - it will be doing!

Planet VPN is a secure channel between the Internet and your smartphone, tablet or pc.

By using a secure connection, you can avoid third-party interference or malicious sites when you connect to open Internet networks in cafes, airports, gas stations, shopping malls and other public Wi-Fi access points. You will be able to use the information without censorship, encrypt your Internet traffic and thus protect your privacy.

Setup Planet VPN for INSTAGRAM now

  • Fast servers
  • No ads
  • Technical support
  • No registration required
  • No logs or personal data collection
  • Apps or config files for any device
Free VPN for Windows

Our service does not track data and does not store information about connections. The service provides you with 5 servers according to your choice without traffic and speed limits for free.

You can also switch on Premium accounts with access to 1260+ servers in 60+ countries.

Download Planet VPN and install it on your personal computer or smartphone without registration. Our service supports all operating systems.

By starting the application of free VPN for Instagram, you will only have to choose one of the servers you like and log into your account for further communication or work.