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Browse websites anonymously with Planet VPN. Thanks to Planet VPN, your actions on the Internet cannot be traced, and your privacy is protected!

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Why Do We Need Anonymity When Surfing The Internet?

Suppose you decide to buy something online in an online store, and enter your credit/debit card information, both the provider and the cyber-attacker can easily intercept your data and use it for their own purposes. The same applies when filling out any forms with personal information.

Even simple online messages on dating websites or social networks can be made public if the connection between you and the web service is not securely encrypted.

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Planet VPN - the best anonymous VPN service

We have created an advanced VPN service with fast servers and strong data encryption. Many of our servers are located in different countries of the world. Fast, wide channels and the complete absence of information logging. As well as the anonymity of payment - this is what distinguishes Planet VPN from all the other competitors.
We never register your Internet traffic in any way, making it impossible to identify you by your IP address or time stamp.

Planet VPN does not share your information with anyone. Moreover, since we do not store any data or logs, nobody will be able to get your data.

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How do I start browsing anonymously?

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    Download and install the application on your device

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    Connect to one of our servers

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    Visit any website without restrictions

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Protect Personal Data from Unwanted Intruders

If you are not using a VPN, it is very easy to track and intercept your data. Internet providers track and record your actions, and share this information with other organizations.

These organizations use your data to restrict access to certain content, and based on the analysis they can show inflated prices. Not to mention the vulnerability to cybercrime and surveillance, especially when connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

Use Planet VPN to surf the internet anonymously and ensure that no one interferes in your personal business

Hide your location and browse websites anonymously.

Both large and small companies spend huge amounts of money to ensure that their network resources and Internet connections are used for their intended purpose.

Companies hire the best IT professionals, but even the most technically unenlightened user can now bypass Planet VPN firewall policies, hide their location, and get anonymous access to the Internet and blocked websites.