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How Airlines Adjust Pricing Via Your IP Location

As we move further and further into the new ear of internet technologies, marketing departments are also making big strides in this field. Travel agencies can now easily regulate their pricing judging the by IP their clients start searching from. In most cases, they increase fares for regions in which there is a big demand for their specific services, and making bigger discounts for regions in which they have less clients, hoping to bring in more cliental.

These companies monitor your location via your IP. Once they have your IP, they show you the pricings they have based on your region.

How to buy cheaper flights using VPN?

The easiest way to save big when travelling is to hide your IP and encrypt your traffic with Planet VPN. If you choose the server of a region which is a third world country, the odds of you getting a way better deal for your flight or vacation triple! Save money of traveling by following these 3 simple steps!

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Search for airline tickets on well-known websites such as or, without using a VPN.


Find the flights you would like to book and remember the prices.


Launch the Planet VPN application and connect to the server of a country where the prices are cheaper.


Open incognito in a separate browser window.

plane back

Find flights just as you did in step 1.


Compare prices.


Repeat steps 3 through 6 to find the best prices.

Other Tips and Tricks For Buying Cheaper Tickets Via Planet VPN

There are many options, but they all boil down to disguising your real location and data encryption so that travel companies and agencies could not correctly analyze the data on the basis of which they can charge a higher price for you.

Change your IP address to a low-income country such as Indonesia or Ukraine. For such regions, significant discounts are usually made to stimulate demand, or there are separate fares for air tickets.
Change your IP address to one of the country you want to fly to. Often the policy of travel agencies is such that for tourists from other countries they overestimate the cost of air tickets, and for their fellow citizens on the contrary make discounts.
Change your IP address to one that belongs to the airline's country. For example, you decided to visit Indonesia, respectively, select this country in the list of Planet VPN servers. The airline's website will see the address of their country and can offer prices for both their fellow citizens or some good discounts.
It is also very often that employees of travel agencies and airlines create an algorithm for setting prices, which responds to multiple visits to your site. The more you visit a website and look at a specific route, the higher the odds the prices will rise each time you look at it again. To avoid this, use Planet VPN and a separate incognito browser window to buy tickets at a better price.
Many large travel agencies and airlines have sites in different domain zones, such as the British (, French (.fr) or Canadian (.ca). Connect to Planet VPN, choose the country you need and visit the company's website. Then, if you enter a certain domain from an IP that is from that region, there is a good chance that the price for the tickets then will be cheaper.

Start packing your bags and get ready to travel!

In today's world of online commerce, many online retailers use geo-based price segmentation to improve sales. This is their marketing strategy, and it works for them. Only problem is, makes you pay more, and that’s not the best of news for you as a client.

With Planet VPN, it is easy to switch between different price segments and make all these marketing tricks work for you, not the company from which you are buying

If you want to save on airline tickets and online purchases, buy a subscription to Planet VPN!

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