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Planet VPN service is an effective and profitable solution to quickly analyze all suspicious files and address links, identify potential threats and presence of viruses and malicious objects. Virus scan from Planet VPN - safe, secure, fast.

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How important it is to check your PC for viruses

The greatest number of threats to computer users is waiting on the Internet when we go to sites, open advertising banners or click on additional dialog boxes, download files and archives. You never know when a malicious object will appear on your computer, especially if antivirus protection or VPN is not active on your device.

To date, among the dangers of the Internet that threaten system disruption or hacking by hackers, the following are highlighted:

  • Trojan viruses;
  • loading objects;
  • DNS attacks and information leaks.

If you surf the Internet without downloading any files, you are still at great risk, a high probability of a security breach due to:

  • stealing data while it is being transmitted over the network;
  • blockades and restrictions in your country or region;
  • spammers trying to disorient and compromise you.

Where viruses are checked

The security of the site you visit is an important factor for every user who surfs the Internet. But how do you make sure that the web resource you need to go to and get the targeted information is free of viruses and poses no threat? For the site itself, this is also important, as it affects its reliability and rating.

  1. the antivirus has blocked a potentially dangerous website;
  2. there's a redirection for no reason;
  3. website traffic has plummeted;
  4. a virus alert has been received from other users;
  5. the mail is blocked by the hosting provider.

Planet VPN service allows you to perform a quick online virus scan of any web resource for presence:

  1. malicious codes;
  2. worms;
  3. Trojan programs;
  4. other malicious objects.

In order to protect the privacy of the user, the VPN searches and eliminates the following dangers:

DNS leak check
IP address check

How to do a virus scan of a website online via Planet VPN

When your computer or mobile device is protected, no more attacks and risks to the operating system are frightening. However, it is not enough to use only anti-virus software, which is responsible for superficial security. The principle of Planet VPN operation is arranged in such a way that not only the real IP address of the user is hidden, but also the information traffic is fully encrypted. You will be able to apply the virus scan function or virus scan URL separately to prevent suspicious or dangerous sites from being visited to keep your own security.

Online virus scanner from Planet VPN provides full protection and privacy of user data and device when you use the Internet. Traffic is encrypted and directed to a secure tunnel - a special technology to guarantee the security of your data when it is transmitted over the network. When you have VPN enabled, you don't have to worry about virus attacks and surf comfortably when visiting targeted sites.

Use a virtual private network to create an anonymous mode combined with antivirus software to provide multi-protection for your PC and not to worry about cybersecurity on your network.

Protect your phone from viruses

How to protect your phone from viruses - security measures

Smartphones are gaining in popularity and superiority over desktop PCs. It is especially convenient to connect to Wi-Fi in a sports club, cafe, mall and any other public place, if you need to urgently find important information or communicate in social networks. However, communication takes place through an unsecured tunnel and unauthorized persons can easily intercept your data, which dramatically undermines your privacy and data security.

When you connect to the VPN, a secure connection tunnel is generated so that data can be transferred secretly from unauthorized parties. All files will be secure and there will be no risk of hacking or theft.

Planet VPN is a unique solution to simultaneously secure your data and take care of anti-virus protection on your mobile device. You will be able to connect to the Internet in anonymous mode and simultaneously check for viruses and for obvious or potential threats.

How to check your phone for viruses through your computer

Although smartphones are technologically advanced and superior to computers, they still remain vulnerable to viruses and dangerous objects that can easily penetrate the system from the network. Spyware and Trojans can discreetly read user data and pass it on to hackers for illegal activities. In particular, malicious objects are aimed at stealing passwords, access codes, payment cards and email addresses. An infected device works slower and traffic increases significantly.

The virus scanner from Planet VPN allows to carry out fast and qualitative check - just connect your smartphone to your PC:

create a connection between PC and smartphone via USB cable and select MTP/accumulation mode through the settings menu;

Copy the file from your phone to your computer and scan it on the scan page.

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