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Who watches you on the Internet?

Any internet service provider (ISP) stores everything you do on the internet, which websites you visit and which messages you send over the Internet, and send this information to special repositories.
If you are connected to a public Wi-Fi, then all the data you send and receive is available to the network owners.

In offices, employers always monitor your internet activity.

Website owners monitor from which IP their website was accessed. Additionally, search engines and various statistical services gather all possible information about you. Not mentioning the incredible amount of criminals, which try everything to get their hands on confidential information, whether it be the requisites for your card, personal data, or messages.

Any person who has gathered information about you can do unpleasant and unacceptable things. However, there is a way out - Planet VPN! Thanks to our reliable ciphers, it is impossible to extract your information online. Our wide variety of channels and incredibly fast servers ensure that your internet is not only safe, but also comfortable to use.


How to protect yourself from Internet surveillance?

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How are you being watched online?

Any device on the network has its own IP address, even if you access the Internet through a public network and your external IP address is not unique. There is also a local address within the network. The provider or network owner easily maps the local and external IP addresses in order to keep track of your actions.

All of your unencrypted actions and messages on the network are recorded, processed, and stored for anywhere from several months to several years.


There are many more tracking technologies on the network, but they are all powerless over VPN technology, which creates an encrypted tunnel between you and the server, making it impossible to intercept your internet activity.

Therefore, nobody can use your information for any purpose. Planet VPN is a strong encryption, fast transfer channels between data and the server, as well as the complete absence of data logging and storage.

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You are no longer being Watched

Today, search engines, providers and websites have the opportunity to read data about every user with different goals. The most innocuous of them is the distribution of annoying ads. However, this information may be in the hands of fraudsters, which most certainly leads to the theft of personal and financial data.

We use a strong, 256-bit encryption in order to protect you from any intruders, and/or the surveillance of your internet activity. Using Planet VPN, you hide your IP-address, making your surfing completely anonymous.

We do not keep any records of your activity on the Internet. Therefore, all of your actions will remain completely anonymous. Anonymous surfing will allow you to protect bank account and credit card data, personal and business information, any sort of online messages, and much more from intruders.

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