Principles of checking WebRTC leaks

The primary user ID on the Internet is the IP address. It can be local and public. During a virus scan, the system issues both types of addresses.

When it comes to public IPs, they are unique and used to serve as a tool to identify each user on the Internet. When you enable the VPN, your real address is hidden and others can see the one that matches the connection server on the virtual private network. The user is provided with full information protection and privacy on the network.

If the actual IP will be detected through the WebRTC when you use the VPN, it means that an unauthorized person can see it and use it for user identification. All you have to do is run the WebRTC Leak test to see if your address is detected - if it is, then your privacy is compromised.

The local IP is not unique because it is assigned by the router and can be reused by other routers at different locations on the planet. If a third party identifies the local IP, there is no threat to the user data. If you are running a WebRTC Leak Test and this address is displayed, everything is safe and correct as your privacy is protected.


WebRTC leak check from Planet VPN

If you do not use a VPN, cybersecurity risks increase significantly and your data is no longer fully protected; therefore, it can be stolen by hackers and attackers. An online site check can help you. To do this, you should perform several procedures:

  1. disable the virtual private network and open this page on a new tab in your browser;
  2. write down a list of visible IPs in a document or notebook;
  3. Close this tab and enable VPN;
  4. reopen the page in a new tab and check if one of the recorded addresses is issued - if yes, it means there is a leak;
  5. if after the test the results show no leaks (you can't see the addresses you've previously recorded), it means you're completely safe.

IP leaks over WebRTC are unpleasant and can have catastrophic consequences if security measures are not taken in time.

Want to check if you have any other confidential information leaks? Try these tools:

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What is a WebRTC leak

Web Real-Time Communication technology allows browsers to communicate with each other without using an intermediary server. In this way, high speed and response times are maintained when surfing the network. Most often it is extremely important for live broadcasts, using Twitch and similar services, where the importance of ping plays a significant role. In other words, WebRTC is a way for search engines to interact with each other in real time. It acts as a special technology with common standards, which allows browsers to communicate with each other without intermediate servers. This method provides maximum connection speed and minimum delay in the process of applications, video chats and broadcasts.

The devices are searched for and connected to each other via the IP address. If an unauthorized person intercepts the address and uses it to identify the user, it means that a leak occurs. This phenomenon poses a threat to user privacy and therefore you can no longer surf the Internet in secure mode. WebRTC leaks are often disregarded or not seen as a significant threat, despite being so.

With Planet VPN any cyber danger is prevented quickly and qualitatively, and you can protect your privacy and personal data from intrusion.


WebRTC - data leakage and confidentiality relationship

The problem with WebRTC is that it uses more advanced methods to identify IP addresses than the "standard" IP address detection methods.

How does WebRTC identify my IP addresses?
Addresses are detected using the ICE protocol, which activates STUN/TURN servers for detection. So the browser is asked the direct question "What's my public IP address?" But the communication process is simplified even if the devices are very far apart. IP is being calculated through servers, and it's too fast and easy.

STUN/TURN servers
ICE protocol detects the address that acts as a public IP and allows access to all user's personal files. The malicious resource will use STUN/TURN servers to search for a potential host, thus deceiving the browser and provoking it to show the real IP. This is followed by unauthorized identification and the risk of stealing files.

Host Detection
Special thanks to firewalls that hide IPs from sites, as well as STUN/TURN servers. However, the ICE protocol still collects all addresses and can easily read them from the user's device.

Many devices have multiple IPs connected to each other due to the equipment used.

Most often, computers are assigned local IPv4 addresses and when they are detected, there is no privacy threat. Another consideration is if the IPv6 address, which is directly linked to the safety and privacy of the user, will be exposed.

The latter acts as a public IP, therefore, is unique. The ICE protocol detects it and allows access to all personal user files.

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Protection against WebRTC leaks via Planet VPN

Planet VPN technologies are constantly improving, following the changing market and the growing threats on the Internet. Thanks to new solutions it is possible to maintain user privacy at a high level. Only with a reliable VPN you can get guaranteed protection against leaks, because when you visit sites under VPN, all your real IPs are hidden and masked as the address of the connection server, so attackers can not track you on the Internet.

However, some browsers show atypical aggression, in particular, during commands to save data from previous tabs. For example, the situation is that you open a blank tab and then enable VPN, which means that the actual IP is cached in memory. There is a high probability that the data will be saved even after the page is refreshed, so user privacy is already violated.

Using the Planet VPN extension for Chrome, Firefox and Android and iOS mobile devices, you will be able to quickly and efficiently resolve all vulnerability issues. In the settings menu, you can disable WebRTC and guarantee yourself a safe online surfing mode.

Remember that WebRTC is a new technology and must be constantly monitored to prevent risks and information leakage in time.

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