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When using public WiFi, the user becomes exposed and vulnerable to attackers. However, this does not mean that you need to give up a pleasant leisure time online in your favorite cafe - use Planet VPN in order to protect your personal data!

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Why is public WiFi dangerous?

Imagine that you control the device through which data passes. That is, you can determine the specific device on the network by service headers and the IP address, and then read the messages and receive any data that the user exchanges via the Internet. Not to mention the fact that you simply observe the user's activity.

Most public WiFi spots are not protected, except for the password to access them, which is very easy to get. The password simply does not allow random passing strangers to use the network through this access point.

Nevertheless, most of the time these passwords are written right inside the restaurant or hotel where the public WiFi is provided. In 98% of case, the WiFi does not have any additional protection except for the password. A person who is at least acquainted with IT can gain control over the WiFi spot, and therefore the data that passes through it. The consequences can be very diverse, from the leakage of some personal data to the theft of funds from accounts used for online payment of cards or the theft of important commercial information.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that public WiFi spots are evil and should be avoided. With Planet VPN - you securely encrypt your internet activity in such a way that nobody is able to get a hold of your information!


How does VPN help protect your data when connected via public WiFi?

Basically, a VPN is an absolutely secure tunnel that connects your device to any other device available on the global network via the Internet.

If you imagine it more figuratively: without a VPN service, your data is like a house without a fence when you connect to a public WiFi spot. At any moment, anyone can intentionally or accidentally enter your house and harm it or steal something. When you use a VPN, your home becomes an impenetrable fortress that is impossible to break in.

How to protect your device when connected to WiFi in public places?

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How does Planet VPN work?

Planet VPN is simple for the end user. When you turn on Planet VPN, a virtual tunnel is created between your device and the rest of the Internet, blocking any attempts from the outside to get inside. Your personal or business messages and Skype conversations can in no way be intercepted or overheard.

All your data is encrypted with a reliable modern encryption algorithm, which is almost impossible to crack.


In addition to protect your device from outside intrusion, Planet VPN provides the ability to connect to VPN servers around the world and use their network resources, which means watching TV channels that were previously unavailable.

Planet VPN will replace your IP address with another one. To do this, simply choose a country from the list, and all sites and services will perceive your device as being in the previously specified country