Data encryption and security with free VPN

Planet VPN not only hides your real IP, but also securely encrypts your traffic going through the Internet. No one, not even your Internet Service Provider or the host of a public WiFi hotspot can access the data you send and receive.

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How does VPN encryption work?

When your device connects to Planet VPN, all the data that you transmit over the Internet is encrypted with reliable 256-bit encryption and is only decrypted on VPN servers. This encryption format ensures that data transmission over the Internet remains confidential.

Encryption is the process of encoding data in a way that only the intended recipient, who has the appropriate means for decryption, can read and use the data.

An active VPN connection is like a pipe in a pipe; no one from outside can get inside and find out what is there. Even if someone somehow receives your data packets, he will not be able to do anything with them, without a unique key that is generated at the time of the data exchange between your device and the VPN server.

That guarantees are complete anonymity, safety and integrity of the data sent and received by you via the Internet using the Planet VPN service.


How to encrypt your traffic?

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    Download and install the application on your device

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    Connect to one of our servers

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    Visit any website without restrictions

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The Importance of VPN Encryption

Internet providers, employers, owners of public WiFi access points, and website owners—these are just a few examples of those who constantly monitor internet traffic for various purposes.

Some, in order to censor the resources visited. Others, to keep track of what work is being done by their employees, and some monitor the connections out of pure curiosity. The most common reason why people monitor what is being search via the internet is the data, which can later on be sold to the highest bidder.

Thanks to the modern day VPN technology’s and reliable 256-bit encryption, Planet VPN will save you from surveillance and other troubles related to the interception of your data.

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