How to use a VPN to unlock Steam Games

Saving money when purchasing on steam has never been so simple! Using the power of Planet VPN, you will save hundreds of dollars annually when purchasing games on steam via Planet VPN!

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How Do I Make Cheaper Purchases On Steam?

Steam is a gaming platform through which you can buy licensed games and download them to your computer. On Steam, prices vary depending on the region in which you are located. This means that Steam chooses pricings of games depending on the region in which you are physically located. In some cases, the price margin between certain regions can get very high!

For example, Chinese users pay only $ 47.20 for Assassins Creed Origins, while US users pay $ 59.99! Simply by using Planet VPN, you can easily save at least $ 20 on various purchases on Steam.

How to save on games on Steam using Planet VPN?

Usually, in order to buy something on Steam, you just need to go to their resource, register, select the game you want, pay for it and download it. To save on games on Steam, you need to have a Planet VPN subscription and then follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Download


    Download and install the application on your device

  • Connect


    Connect to one of our servers

  • Visit


    Visit any website without restrictions

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assassins creed origins

How to buy Assassins Creed Origins at a low price using a VPN?

Assassins Creed: Origins is an amazing multiplatform computer game in the genres of Action / RPG which was created by Ubisoft.

The price of Assassins Creed Origins in the UK is $ 67.72, but for users from China, this same game costs only $ 47.20.

Something as simple as choosing the necessary geo-location in the list of Planet VPN servers and connecting, you can save almost 50% on the purchase of Assassins Creed Origins! All you need is a VPN, Planet VPN!

How to buy Assassins Creed Origins at a low price using a VPN?
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How to buy Space Fighters on Steam at a cheap price using VPN?

Space Fighters is a game in the genre of action, developed by ZeroByter Games. The game belongs to the style of fiction, and is well known for the following features: action, indie, space, multi-player, science fiction, real-time, team, early access, achievements on steam.

The game itself isn’t very expensive. For users from the USA it is offered at a 15% discount and the final price is just $ 2.29. The best part is, you can get it even cheaper by purchasing from an Indonesian server!! It's simple: run the Planet VPN application, select the server in Indonesia from the list, go to the Steam service and the same game will cost you just $ 1.22!

The amount you save may not be much on this one purchase, but if you are a frequent buyer on Steam, the amount of savings you can make by using Planet VPN when purchasing can easily add up to a couple of hundred dollars a year!

space fighters
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space fighters

How can I save on Steam games using Planet VPN?

When you connect to the Planet VPN network, your IP address is replaced with another one of your choosing. Everything looks as if you are in the country whose server you chose when you are using the Planet VPN servers.

The Steam platform provides users from different countries with different prices and different discounts, so by disguising your IP address you can get the prices and conditions for purchasing games that are valid for the selected country.

Steam will not be able to recognize your exact location, because we securely encrypt traffic and hide your real IP address. You only need to register on Steam for the selected country with new data.

Use Planet VPN to save on games for Steam!

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