VPN Configuration on Wi-Fi Router - the best setup for you

The most reliable and secure VPN solution for routers

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  • Ultimate access to any website
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3 easy steps to set up your VPN for Router

1. Login
Get login and password for router connection
    2. Select country
    Choose preferred country on download page to get L2TP server name or server IP
      3. Update
      Update your router config with this data

        Planet VPN will run under these routers

        Connect your:

        • Asus
        • D-link
        • TP-link
        • WAVLINK
        • Tenda
        • ZyXEL
        • Keenetic
        • Mikrotik
        • PfSense
        • Teltonika
        • MERCUSYS
        • Huawei
        • Open WRT
        • DD-WRT
        • Xiaomi

        In case your router has a custom firmware you may need a firmware update

        home network

        Find out why customers love the best Router VPN extension - Planet VPN

        Key Features of Planet VPN for Router

        Planet VPN provides the best connection speeds on the market
        Enjoy using torrents anonymously with Planet VPN
        Highly anonymous
        Highly anonymous
        Provides solid anonymity and secures your internet connection
        Protects your privacy
        Protects your privacy
        Planet VPN app doesn't track you or collect your personal data. You can use Free OpenVPN application with our configuration files to be sure
        Solid encryption
        Solid encryption
        OpenVPN protocol provides the best encryption for your pc
        Wide network
        Wide network
        Lots of VPN locations to choose from - we have over 60 countries
        Live chat support on website or email ticket system for complex questions

        A VPN, or virtual private network, is essential for protecting your online activities, especially when using a public Wi-Fi network or accessing the Internet from a remote location. Usually, VPNs are installed on individual devices, such as desktops, laptops, and smartphones. However, using a VPN on a router has even more benefits, making it an ideal solution for protecting your entire home network.

        One of the most important benefits of using a VPN on a router is that all devices on your network are automatically protected. This includes all your smart home devices, game consoles, and streaming media players. This means that your entire home network is protected by one VPN connection, saving you the hassle of setting up separate VPNs for each device.

        Another benefit of using a VPN on your router is that it provides complete anonymity and privacy for all your devices. Your online activities are encrypted and routed through the VPN server, masking your IP address and ensuring your browsing history and personal information remains private.

        In addition, using a VPN on your router allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and access content otherwise restricted in your region.

        Thus, a VPN on your router is a reliable and convenient way to protect your entire home network, watch your online privacy, and access content with geographical restrictions.