The actual IP address - how to know and hide it from potential threats

With the Planet VPN service you can find out your IP address and make it invisible to other users.

Virtual Private Network is a unique technology that allows you to hide the user's address, thus protecting the user from the risk of intrusion by unauthorized persons into files and computer. When you connect a VPN to a network, not your IP will be displayed, but the one that corresponds to the connection server (for example, it can be American, British, Australian or any other). This way, all participants in the web space will see you as if you were in the server country and your real location will be hidden from view.

When you connect to the Planet VPN service, all data for subsequent transmission will enter an encrypted and secure tunnel, which is hidden from prying eyes and even from the provider, thus preventing surveillance of your online activities. You will also be able to check your IP address using additional service options. Just enable VPN and it will immediately hide your IP address - the network will show that you are in India or France, in any other country, depending on the selected connection server.


Using the Planet VPN service, each user can enjoy such advantages:

  1. hiding IP from unauthorized subjects (no one will see the real location of IP).
  2. traffic is encrypted and security is guaranteed during the Internet connection and subsequent surfing on the network.
  3. you can change virtual locations (servers) in a comfortable way to get full access to the internet in different countries

Why do I need an IP address?

IP acts as the Internet protocol address, thus it is a unique digital combination assigned to each computer or mobile device that has access to the network and Internet connectivity.

Today two versions of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are used, each of them combines a specific set of identification and address functions.

With regard to the latter, it has been known since 1995 and was created as a preventive measure to ensure the necessary number of addresses in the future.

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Features of Public IP for Internet Users

For a PC or gadget to connect to the Internet, you need a tool for identification, specific device recognition and communication with the server (IP address detection). It is a public IP-address that allows the devices and servers to find each other and exchange information with each other.

This principle of interaction can be compared with mail correspondence or journaling subscription. For example, you have subscribed to a series of magazines at a publishing house and specified your address delivery data - where the courier needs to bring the goods. If the employee does not know the address, he will not be able to fulfill the order, so you will not receive the desired goods.

Same as with the Internet - checking the IP address helps find the recipient, connect with it and send the target information.

Which security measures are important to protect an IP address

Without a virtual private network, there is an increased risk that outsiders may be watching you and even intercepting private data that you transmit online. Our providers always record all the actions and processes you take for further analysis. This may include limiting your activity, directing you to specific sites, or providing sites with more expensive services.

Keep in mind that there is always a threat from hackers and cybercriminals or unauthorized surveillance when you use the Internet through public Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, sports clubs, malls, parks, etc.

With Planet VPN, you no longer have to worry about threats that someone might recognize YOUR IP because your surfing on the network will become anonymous. No one will be able to track your actions and see the real address. This is a guarantee of security and protection of your privacy.


How can cybercriminals use your IP

The public IP is responsible for determining the geographical location of the user, not just the country, but the city and even the postal code.

The more sites you visit (e.g. making online purchases, reading topical articles, watching news or movies), the more data will be read from users based on their requests, search phrases, products viewed, purchases made, etc. If all the details collected through geolocation IP, cookies, trackers combine into a whole picture, then a digital user portrait is formed - it is used by marketers to offer you targeted advertising.

At times, information can be fragmented and shared across social networks. The data received enables advertisers to tailor advertisements based on your interests, promoting similar products and services.

ISPs always have extensive access to user information. They know almost everything about you, including your IP address, because you are served by them and use their internet services.

Australian and British providers are required to record all activities of their clients and refer them to government control agencies. Other countries also have their own restrictions. If you visit a site that is protected by HTTPS, your provider will see all unencrypted pages where you leave your digital traces.

But the way out is to use Planet VPN to get to know your IP and surf anonymously, so that no one else will monitor or read your data.

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Planet VPN service to ensure privacy

Planet VPN preserves your freedom while ensuring complete security in the Internet space. In functionality you can check your IP and hide it from prying eyes.

Planet VPN technologies are improved and adapted to the needs of customers. Today the service covers a large number of servers on all continents of the world, which allows you to choose connection points to meet your needs and requirements. Being in Ukraine, you can connect to Chinese or Canadian server and use regional content. If you are going abroad, nothing prevents you from connecting anonymously through another server, if your work or personal interests require it.

There will be no logging of connections and web browsing, so there will be no saving - it is important that your actions are not tracked and cannot be read by anyone. Traffic is encrypted and directed to a secure tunnel, and connection speed is always stable.

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