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The most reliable and secure VPN solution for your Android phone or Tablet

  • Access to the service without registration, or any personal information
  • Strict no-logs approach
  • Powerful hard drive encryption is employed on all servers globally
  • No traffic, time, or bandwidth caps
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3 easy steps to set up your VPN

1. Download
Download Planet VPN application from Play Market
    2. Start
    Start your application
      3. Connect
      Choose a server and connect to VPN

        Download Planet VPN for all Android Devices

        It is possible to install VPNs (virtual private networks) on a variety of Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can increase the security and privacy of your online activities by using a VPN. You can do this to browse the web anonymously and protect your personal data.

        You may be able to use our free VPN for Android to access websites and online services that are blocked by your ISP or your geographic location. Additionally, since public Wi-Fi networks are frequently unprotected and open to hacker attacks, using a free VPN on your Android device can be especially crucial when connected to one of these networks.

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        Key Features of Planet VPN for Android

        Ensures confidentiality
        Ensures confidentiality
        Our free VPN for Android enforces a strict no-logs policy and protects user data from third-party access. Additionally, the application uses strong disk encryption on every server around the world
        Planet VPN offers lightning-fast connection speeds, making it the leading VPN provider on the market
        With our Planet VPN app, you can download torrents safely and anonymously
        Kill switch function
        Kill switch function
        In case your VPN connection drops, our application ensures that all your traffic is blocked to prevent any unencrypted data from being transmitted from your Android device
        No limitations on traffic or time
        No limitations on traffic or time
        Planet VPN gives you unlimited bandwidth and data transfer for life, so you can browse, stream and download as much as you want without any restrictions
        Wide network
        Wide network
        60+ countries to choose from for our VPN locations
        Solid encryption
        Solid encryption
        OpenVPN protocol provides the best encryption for your Android device
        Need assistance with complex questions? Our website offers 24/7 live chat support or an email ticketing system to ease your concerns

        Real user reviews of Planet VPN across multiple platforms

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        10 000 000+ Downloads
        App Store
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        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Which free VPN is best for Android?


        For those looking for a free VPN for Android, Planet VPN is a notable option. It combines ease of use with effective security features to ensure a smooth online experience without compromising your privacy. Perfect for Android users who value both convenience and privacy.

        Is VPN free on Android?


        Yes, free VPN options are available for Android users. One of those options is Planet VPN, which generously offers free lifetime access to 5 locations. While many VPNs may have caps on their free plans or only free trials, Planet VPN offers a powerful free version with no speed, bandwidth or time limits.

        Which locations are available in a free version?


        Planet VPN stands out among free VPNs by giving you the freedom to choose from 5 strategic locations: France, Germany, Holland, US and UK. This flexibility, combined with lifetime free access to these sites, makes Planet VPN an attractive choice for Android users who want to access geo-restricted content or want a more varied online experience at no extra cost.

        Where is VPN on android?


        For a seamless VPN experience on your Android device, use the Planet VPN app. It's incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate. Simply open the Planet VPN app, click "Connect" to secure your connection, or "Disconnect" when you're done. Once connected, you'll see the VPN status displayed in your phone's notification area. No complicated settings, just straightforward and secure browsing.

        Where is VPN on Samsung phone?


        Using Planet VPN on your Samsung phone is simple and convenient. After downloading and installing the Planet VPN app, just open the app and tap "Connect" to secure your internet connection. When you're done, tap "Disconnect." The app is designed to be extremely user-friendly, and you'll see the VPN status displayed in your phone's notification bar for easy reference. Enjoy a secure and private browsing experience effortlessly.

        The use of a free VPN on an Android device can have a number of benefits, especially in the increasingly connected world of today where online privacy and security are concerned. When using Our Planet VPN on your Android device, the following advantages are possible:

        • Increased security: your internet traffic is encrypted by our free VPN, making it difficult for others to snoop on and read your information.
        • Privacy protection: is also provided by Planet VPN, which masks your IP address to make it more difficult to trace your online activity.
        • Access to geographically restricted content: using our VPN, you can gain access to material that may be restricted in your area, such as streaming services or websites that are only accessible in particular countries.
        • Better performance: using our free VPN for Android devices occasionally, especially when connected to a server located close to you, can actually enhance the speed of your internet connection.
        • Ad and malware blockers: some VPN services come equipped with ad and malware blockers.

        Overall, there are many advantages to using our free VPN on your Android device, including improved security and privacy, accessibility to geographically restricted content, and faster internet speed.