Save money renting cars with free VPN

If you travel a lot and use car rentals often, listen up closely, because we are going to explain how you can save some money using Planet VPN when booking cars in different cities.

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Ways To Save On Renting a Car When Travelling

It may sound too good to be true, but this is one of the best hacks to travel during the holiday season!

Using VPN to rent a car while traveling can save not one, but hundreds of dollars! This is a carefully guarded secret that agencies charge clients different prices depending on the IP address they use to rent cars while traveling. Using Planet VPN, you can change your IP address to check prices in different countries.

You will quickly find numerous discrepancies in prices between countries, and savings on car rentals can be quite impressive!

How To Save When Renting A Car While Travelling

To save big when renting a car online, the first thing you must do is hide your original IP address. The reason you are doing this is to lower the pricing of cars. Choose a server from a third world country and then start browsing for deals on car rentals. The prices should be way cheaper. How to get better prices? Simple.

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How Do Car Rental Services Adjust Their Pricing

Car rental services offer varying prices and deals based on the country of booking. If you try to book a car, for example, from the USA, Indonesia, or Poland, the prices will be different. So how much can you save on renting a car while traveling? - It all depends on the car and the rental period, but the amounts are not small.

For example, if you fly from Germany to Australia and require comfortable transportation for a two-week stay, you may need to rent a car. We start by accessing the car booking site from a German IP address, then select Australia as the destination country to compare prices.


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Open the site with the proposals of hotels in the “Incognito” tab


The cost of renting a popular small car Suzuki Swift with a special offer is $ 40 per day. Now we run the application from Planet VPN, connect to the US server, open the “Incognito” tab in the browser and go there again, search for cars in Australia and find the same offer again, but at a price of $31 a day.

As a result, you save $9 per day. For 2 weeks traveling around Australia on Suzuki Swift you will save $126.

And here is an example of even more clearly showing the difference in price. Imagine you're flying to London for a 9-day trip and require a luxury car, or something comparable, for your transportation needs.

We go to the site for booking cars, for example, from Brazil and see the price of $ 2,100 for the Mercedes Benz C-Class for 9 days of rent. Next, we initiate a VPN connection to a US server, open a new 'Incognito' tab, and search for the same offer once more. But now renting the same car is $1,450 for 9 days. You have already saved $650!

As you can see, using Planet VPN, you can save a very decent amount of money on renting a car while traveling.


How do agencies and aggregators regulate car rental prices?

All agencies and car booking aggregators for travelers collect a lot of information about visitors and based on this information, they show not only different prices, but also different offers of services. One of the key factors in price targeting is the geographic location of the visitor.

The geographical position, that is, the country, is quite simple to calculate. To do this, you just need to know your IP address. Knowing your IP address, the system already calculates your location and on its part will give you prices for your region.


Thus, agencies and aggregators increase the price of rental cars for travelers from richer regions, as well as show suggestions from car fleet owners, who paid services and indicated the desired geo-targeting for higher earnings.

It is beneficial for agencies and aggregators to offer you more expensive options or hide real discounts from you, because the higher the order amount, the higher their commission, but they cannot offer the traveler from low income regions a margin that is too high, therefore they use geo-targeting in pricing.

Using Planet VPN you can hide your real IP-address and go to sites with the IP of the country that you choose. Accordingly, you can circumvent price discrimination when renting a car.

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