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How To Book A Specific Hotel Room, Cheaper

Numerous goods and services are subject to price discrimination via the internet, and all of it depends on the region from which you browser the pricing. Depending on the country you search from, the prices may vary drastically! You can save hundreds of dollars on hotel reservations using a VPN connection that can show that you are supposedly looking at hotel room deals from a third world country!

When you connect to a VPN, you hide your actual IP address and the service sees the one that matches your chosen country, which in most cases, has lower prices.

How to Book a Hotel at a Lower Price Using a VPN?

Hide your IP from the sites of hotels and tour agencies by using these simple, yet effective 3 steps.

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How Much Can You save When Booking Via Planet VPN

According to certain independent studies, people who use VPN techniques to save money when booking flights and hotel rooms can save up to 40%.

Travel agencies and hotel booking services play on people's fears - a person who infinitely updates the page with aggregator offers and sees that the price rises, thinks that this happens for objective reasons (for example, because hotel rooms are quickly running out and in high demand).

And in the end, he booked the hotel at a very high price. However, using a VPN, you can beat marketers with their own weapons and book a hotel cheaper:


Connect to Planet VPN


Open the site with the proposals of hotels in the “Incognito” tab


As an example, suppose you are in the USA and you want to book a hotel in Prague for a couple of days. You go to a major international website for searching and booking hotels, choose a hotel and write down the price it shows you. The hotel we chose as an example costs $375 for a two night stay.

Now we start the VPN application, select the server in Indonesia, connect, open the Incognito tab in the browser, go to the same site, but now with IP from Indonesia.

We also indicate that we are looking for a hotel in Prague for such and such numbers and with such wishes. Firstly, you will encounter other offers with more affordable prices. Secondly, the hotel you previously viewed for $375, with the same dates and conditions, will now be available at a discount of 39%. Now priced at $229 instead of $375, not to mention the possibility of finding a more comfortable and interesting hotel within your desired price range, even if it's not listed.

And this is just one example of savings and hotel bookings. By choosing a country with a lower standard of living in the VPN application or the country you want to visit, you can either significantly save on hotel reservations, or book a better option for the same money.


How do hotel services adjust prices?

Most hotel booking services and travel agency sites collect as much information as possible about their visitors.

The first thing they focus on is IP. Having received the IP address of your device, they can determine at least the country where you are located. Based on this data, using various algorithms that marketers have come up with to increase profits, you will be shown certain hotels that have paid agencies and services for targeting an audience from your region, not to mention the services themselves, which receive a good percentage from the sales that come through their websites.


It is more advantageous for services and agencies to offer you options that are more expensive or hide real discounts from you to maximize profits.

With Planet VPN you not only hide and change your IP address, but also protect all the data you send over the Internet.

This is especially true for travelers who use public WiFi access points.

Use Planet VPN to save money when booking flights and hotels via the internet!