How to Change and Hide your IP address with Planet VPN

With Planet VPN, thanks to its VPN technology, your IP address will be safely hidden, and external services will see the address of the country that you selected once you connect!

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Why should I change or hide my IP address?

Your IP address can tell a lot about you. By your IP address, you can find out your location, your name, and the name of your Internet provider.

When cybercriminals know your IP, they can attack your device, try to hack or use special methods in order to prevent the device from transmitting or receiving information.
IP address tracking can accurately pinpoint your physical location, which may lead to various troubles and privacy concerns.

If you do not hide your IP address, it opens up access to a large amount of information, including your personal data, information about your location, as well as your location, as well your online activity, allowing third parties to monitor and control your online activities.


How to change or hide your IP address?

It's very simple! Simply connect to the VPN using Planet VPN. A VPN is a secure tunnel between two or more devices. VPNs are used to protect web traffic from eavesdropping, outside interference, and censorship.

By connecting to our servers you securely hide your IP and encrypt all data. Only three steps are needed to change and hide your IP:

  • Download


    Download and install the application on your device

  • Connect


    Connect to one of our servers

  • Visit


    Visit any website without restrictions

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How does the IP address change?

When you connect to the Planet VPN network, your IP address is replaced with another one, and everything looks as if you are in a different place.

When you use a VPN, your Internet traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel so that nobody, including your Internet Service Provider, can see what you are doing on the Internet.

Therefore, if you connect to a VPN network, websites, applications, and services will see the public IP address of the VPN server instead of the address of your device - this means that you have “hidden your IP address” or “changed your IP address”.

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What are the advantages of Planet VPN for hiding and changing my IP address?

We use the most modern and reliable data encryption methods. Many of our fast and modern VPN servers are located around the world, giving the user a huge selection of locations in order to hide or change their IP address.

There are proxy extensions for browsers, where, in free mode, you can test the operation of our service and actually see how IP changes take place. In order to reliably protect data transmitted via the Internet, we created programs for popular operating systems, as well as providing the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices that support VPN.

Still, we do not track or keep activity logs. We provide a large number of payment options, including anonymous methods.

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