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Scammers on Airbnb Expand Audience

Satoshi Nakamoto November 14, 2023

Scammers hunt for our money all year round, but one of the most lucrative periods for them is the holiday season. Despite the fact that…

New Linux error allows hacking into encrypted VPN connections

Satoshi Nakamoto November 13, 2023

A group of cyber security research workers has revealed a brand new severe vulnerability impacting many Linux and also Unix-like systems, including FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac-OS,…

How to turn off VPN on iPhone

Satoshi Nakamoto November 10, 2023

Setting up a VPN for iPhone or iPad manually  There are several ways to use a VPN on iOS. To set up a VPN on…

How to disable avast secure browser

Satoshi Nakamoto November 9, 2023

Avast antivirus users often face one common problem: after regular updates, they find that the Avast Security Browser has somehow installed itself on their device.…