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Do you want to watch live streaming online or even start streaming by yourself, but the video service is not available to you? Planet VPN is a means by which you can surpass restrictions. Our wide secure channels and fast servers in different countries are perfect for streaming!

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Watch online live streaming at extremely high speeds

In Planet VPN applications, you can select a server in any available location. All servers have wide data transfer channels, work without delay, and with a high transmission rate.

We are constantly expanding our network and increasing the quality of services provided. Stream and watch live broadcasts online through our VPN - comfortable, safe, and secure!

Watch live broadcast online without delay!

Other VPNs may slow down your Internet connection slightly, but with Planet VPN you will not be able to notice a difference!

It is even possible to improve the quality of the connection, in case your provider cuts traffic from video streaming services, because the VPN channel is encrypted and the provider cannot recognize the content of the traffic.


How to start streaming and watch online broadcasts via VPN?

  • Download


    Download and install the application on your device

  • Connect


    Connect to one of our servers

  • Visit


    Visit any website without restrictions

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Watch any videos on YouTube

Many people often receive a message on Youtube stating that a specific video cannot be viewed in their country. However, this is not a problem if you use Planet VPN. Using our service, you encrypt the data transmitted and received by you, as well as hide your IP. That allows you to view the videos free as well as protect your data.

At the same time, the Internet speed will remain the same, and the traffic consumption will not change. With the help of our service, you can at any time view those movies, series, cartoons, live broadcasts, and other materials that you like, no matter what country you live in.

Watch live sports broadcasts online

Live watching of the sports channels and competitions could be really a problem for you. This can be a real tragedy for someone who is a fan of a foreign team or just wants to be aware of the what’s happening in the real world.

Planet VPN will help you watch live sports broadcasts online without restrictions and will allow you to stay up to date with all the events.

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