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Top 12 Best Torrent Sites That Really Work in 2024

Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to find reliable websites, as more and more people are transitioning to on-demand platforms such as Netflix or HBO Go. Therefore, access to content is easier than ever, and fewer people are willing to seed the content they download from the internet—to help other users get their share of content, as well.

In this article, we’ve put together a comprehensive list that should help you narrow down your picks. We included everything from legendary websites to new ones. We believe diversity is what matters most here.

There are several such websites out there today, but a few have proven exceptional in content, quality, speed, and performance. Thus, this review is for the 12 best torrent sites that work—and offer reliable downloads—in 2024. Watch as each one of them provides you with different content of your choice without hassle. Let’s go, let’s see everything we’ve prepared for you!

The Best Torrent Websites

Check out the following trusted torrenting sites available and their features below. From the list of torrent sites, you should be able to pick what appeals to you.

The Pirate Bay: The Best Torrent Site On Our List

One of the best torrent websites you will ever come across is The Pirate Bay. It is the most recognizable and one of the oldest because of its incredible performance to bring you various contents of your choice without limitations. All types of videos, TV shows, game, software, and so on, are on it; thus, it has inexhaustible options for users to download. However, before you make use of The Pirate Bay, you need to Hide IP and stay anonymous.

Also, this website has a unique search engine that makes it easy to get whatever you want anytime. Easy navigation and user-interface are commendable features. Hence, there is nothing to worry about. Further, it has a VIP or Trusted User Program for maximum use.

RARBG: Best for New Content

Do you seek to download some stuff? RARBG was first a Bulgarian Tracker in 2008; over the years, it has developed an easy-to-use platform to get new content for download. It now uses the BitTorrent technology to ensure that proper file sharing is enhanced optimally. Currently, there are dozens of thousands of users on this site for games, music, software, videos, audio files, movies, etc.

RARBG is also easy to navigate, and with the help of its search button, you could look up content with their keywords. This website is updated every hour so that user-demands are met. Additionally, you will need a VPN to access RARBG from your location.

Torlock: Best for Anime and eBooks

A platform where you will find a series of verified working torrent sites is Torlock. It claims there are about 5 million of them on the site, and you can download anything fast. Torlock is known for its anime and eBooks content, as well as many other files that are accessible with the help of easy navigation and a simple interface. Therefore, you can agree that it is accessible and useful.

There is a bonus reward on this site, and that involves finding a fake link; users are paid for them. You would agree that Torlock has the rarest of contents, i.e., those that may not be found on any other platform. Most importantly, it undergoes a constant update to provide users with fresh content.

1337x: Best Torrenting Search Options

Based on its simple UI, 1337x is one of the popular torrent sites people love to use, as agreed by the Alexa Traffic Monitoring Tool. It has a unique search option that makes it lovable and easy to used to download all types of content, especially new ones. Interestingly, it is updated every hour due to its understanding of how essential it is for people to find new content. Here, you will find tv shows, videos, software, music, and many others without any difficulty.

1337x could be considered second on the list of top safe torrent sites to use in 2021 because it also continually improves its security. Overall, it is an excellent choice.

EZTV: Best for TV Shows

As opposed to active torrent sites for movies only, like YTS, EZTV is for both movies and tv shows. Without a doubt, it is a popular site, and on one or two occasions, you may have tried it out. Over a million people would attest to the fact that they have downloaded their favorite tv series from the platform. Based on its structure and design, it has a simple interface as it supports two types of downloads — Magnetic and Direct Links.

EZTV has a list of shows available between 2 formats, i.e., 720p and 1080p. Overall, it doesn’t let you miss out on any episode because it regularly updates itself to provide users with what they want.

It has a simple interface and easy navigation—you have nothing to worry about when it comes to its use—you can download things quickly. Indeed, it is a reliable tracker you need to access files on the internet.

YTS: Best for Classic Movies

A look at YTS and you would fall in love with it. Typically, it is to download classic movies, and there is no limit to the types you will find. It combines its minimal site design and friendly interface to provide users with what they want. Fortunately, it is accommodating if your bandwidth isn’t enough.

Technically, it is a brainchild of both YIFY and YTS Group; therefore, you should not expect anything less. Furthermore, it has a significant user base that works hand-in-hand with the BitTorrent Protocol for maximum productivity. The only demerit to this site is that: you will only find classic movies, nothing more.

TorrentDownloads: Best for Obscure Torrents

There is nowhere else you will find obscure contents other than TorrentDownloads. This platform combines its simple UI with a collection of contents to become what it is today. It is not going to be the wrong choice if you decide to use this one because there are a lot of things to download.

More importantly, you get a chance to drop comments and give ratings on how you perceive TorrentDownloads. Also, it has a unique advanced search option to make things a lot easier for you. Thus, you could search with keywords such as distributor, size, name, number of seeds, etc., and get fast results.

Zooqle: Best Torrent Game Site

zooqle torrent
One of the best private torrent sites for gaming is Zooqle. This platform forces you to sign-up or login before use; also, you would need a VPN like Hide.me to access it from any location. Because of the high number of game files, there are over a million users on the platform. On its database, there are about 4 million files that further include audio, software, and tv shows/movies.

Zooqle combines both simple UI and easy navigation to enhance performance; the results are clear from the website’s user base. In the coming years, it is expected to have gone even better than it already is.

LimeTorrents: Best Plan B

Everyone finds LimeTorrents in a different light, but as it is, it makes the best alternative for other sites in this review. Coupled with its large database of options available to download, it has an excellent UI that helps users get through anything. There are a lot of features on it, and its organization is beyond extraordinary. For instance, you can search the list of content using its filter system that includes size, seeder, date added, etc.

Most experts often make use of LimeTorrents because it has a different system that is suitable for complex operations.

FitGirl Repacks: Best Game Archives

Finally, on torrent download sites, FitGirl Repacks has an extensive collection of games for your excitement. These games are properly organized, so you don’t have a hard time choosing what to play. For each game, there is information, and there are two download links — Direct and Mirror.

Also, all games on FitGirl Repacks are arranged every month with respective numbers available. Additionally, you could support the platform by donating BTC as much as you can.

For security and your privacy when downloading torrent files, we recommend – using VPN for Torrent right now!

NYAA.si: Best for Anime

Take one look at NYAA.si, and you would agree that it is a Japanese website because it has a lot of anime content ready for download. This torrenting site was borne out of the failure of Nyaa, and ever since then has gained massive acceptance by anime lovers. There are a few features on this platform that would make you interested right away — the friendly interface is one of them. Other contents you will find are videos and audios that can be accessed from popular East Asian countries such as Korea, China, as well as Japan.

Tamilrockers: Best for Hindi Movies

For lovers of Hindi movies, Tamilrockers is the best platform for you to download. There are thousands of both new and old movies, and they have all been arranged carefully for convenience. Also, there are options on the homepage to ensure you have a great time choosing what you want to watch. These options include Request Movie, Country, Years, Genres, etc.

Tamilrockers aside, its advanced search option has a unique share button that makes it possible to connect with friends and download things together. You have the opportunity to share on WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, Telegram, and others. There are other new Hollywood movies you will find too. Indeed, it has to be one of the best choices you should consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of torrent sites’ questions you may have and answers; hopefully, they clear all doubts and bring you to a full realization of why they are vital.

Is Torrenting Legal?

The status depends on a particular country; in some, it is legal, while in others, downloading illegal content is prohibited. Therefore, you need to know if the content you are downloading is copyrighted or not. If it is, you should not do it because you will receive a settlement offer from your Internet Server Protocol for trespassing.

One of your punishments is a reduction in speed when you are using the internet. In serious cases, you may be asked to drop personal info to copyright trolls for sanctioning. Ensure you also check out countries allow such practices before you start making use of any of the sites.

Why Is A VPN Necessary For Torrenting?

Generally, a VPN helps you to hide your data and enhance anonymity online; therefore, you will not have to be discovered by hackers. Also, it encrypts all traffic before it leaves your PC for safety; thus, you don’t have to worry about Internet Server Protocol monitoring your activity online. Interestingly, ISP has no idea where traffic is headed to because the VPN server is there to receive them.

Besides, some good torrent sites require you to use a VPN like freevpnplanet.com to stay safe and anonymous. It is an excellent investment if you get one.

What Are Some Of The Best Torrent Websites?

They may seem very easy to find, but their specialty differs — and that is what could make things difficult for you. First, you need to understand that not all websites are the same; there are unique characteristics that make one different from the other.

However, some have shown exceptional characteristics that make them easy to consider as the best ones out there. They are those reviewed above, i.e., The Pirate Bay, Torlock, Zooqle, YTS, etc. The yardstick on why they are considered as such include speed, performance, activity, user ratings, number of users, interface, navigation, and so on.

Which Torrenting Website Is Super-Fast?

When it comes to the speed of such websites, it is relative because it is dependent on certain factors, such as an internet connection and the number of seeders. There are several arguments and perceptions online on which protocol is faster — BitTorrent vs. uTorrent. However, it may be challenging to choose one, considering that there are a lot of things involved. Various websites use either of them, and the result has been amazing, regardless.

Whether you use BitTorrent or uTorrent, adding a VPN would increase speed performance for downloads. You should be able to find your answer on what site is the fastest above after trying the combo.

What Happens If You Authorities Find That You Download Torrents?

As described earlier, you don’t get caught if you are not downloading illegal content online. Peradventure, you get caught torrenting, and it is licensed, you face serious charges such as infringement of piracy. This kind of crime could cause you hefty fines or even imprisonment, depending on the liquidity of such content. Use a good VPN, so that you don’t get caught; the chances are slim if you do. Moreover, it would help you ensure maximum privacy of data against trackers or data theft.

Is There Any Way To Unblock Torrent Websites From A Certain Location?

In specific locations, such sites are restricted, and in some, it is accessible. Just in case you want to unblock them from your location, there are about three things you could do.

First, use a simple DNS-Level Blocking on your computer, like Google Public DNS. It makes it easy to bypass ISP; all you have to do is change network settings and DNS Server address to that of Google Public DNS. (Control Panel>Network and Internet>Networking and Sharing Center>Change Adapter Settings>Click Connection Type>Go to Properties>Internet Protocol Version 4>Change DNS Server Address)

Second, use The Onion Router, also called The Tor Network; it gives you access to international servers. You will browse anonymously if you use the Tor software.

Third, use a VPN service.

Is There Are Reason Why Can’t Access Particular Torrent Websites?

Have you always had access to such sites, and now, you don’t? It only means one thing — the ISP has blocked you. One way or the other, you may have been found guilty of doing something illegal, and it restricted your access. Your re-accessibility also depends on the ISP.

On the other hand, if you can’t access some websites, maybe they are restricted in your location.

Torrenting Safely: Tips and Best Practices

Torrenting can be a convenient way to access a variety of content, but it’s essential to do it safely to avoid legal and security risks. Here are some tips and best practices for torrenting safely:

  1. Use a VPN: Always use a reputable VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your IP address and encrypt your internet connection. This helps protect your identity and location.
  2. Choose Trusted Torrent Sites: Stick to well-known, reputable torrent websites. Avoid suspicious or unknown sites that may host malware.
  3. Read User Comments and Ratings: Before downloading a torrent, check user comments and ratings to ensure it’s a legitimate file and not a fake or infected one.
  4. Enable a Firewall: Use a firewall to block incoming and outgoing connections for your torrent client. This prevents unwanted access to your computer.
  5. Regularly Update Software: Keep your torrent client and antivirus software up to date to defend against potential vulnerabilities.
  6. Download Legal Content: Only download and share content that you have the legal right to access. Avoid pirated or copyrighted material.
  7. Limit Upload Speed: Many torrent clients allow you to cap your upload speed. Limiting it can help prevent unwanted attention from ISPs or copyright enforcement agencies.
  8. Scan Downloads: Run antivirus and anti-malware scans on downloaded files to ensure they’re safe before opening or executing them.
  9. Avoid Pop-Up Ads: Be cautious of pop-up ads on torrent websites, as they may lead to malicious sites.
  10. Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest news on torrenting and copyright laws in your region to stay aware of potential legal changes.

Torrenting Safely: Tips and Best Practices

Remember that while torrenting can be a useful way to access content, it’s essential to prioritize your safety and abide by the law to avoid potential consequences.


All in all, it is not surprising that torrenting sites are needed one way or the other to provide you with unlimited content. Now, it is all up to you to determine what size to use from the above. Each of them has been specified based on what they are known to do best; thus, it should be easy to pick.

We did our best to offer as many details as possible in this comprehensive guide about torrenting. Make sure you do enough research before you decide on anything. It’s the best way to avoid unwanted consequences (make sure you the FAQ section—depending on where you live). That’s it; we hope this article helped you!