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Best VPN for ChatGPT

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an exciting advancement in artificial intelligence. A powerful communications and information access tool, it is transforming the way users across the planet communicate and interact with data. 

ChatGPT has become our assistant in a relatively short time. It can understand and generate text, answer queries, collect ideas, conduct research, write articles, translate languages, analyze data, and much more. To put it more simply, ChatGPT is a virtual tool that makes your life easier. Learn why a VPN can be useful when using ChatGPT.

Best VPN for ChatGPT

Why is a VPN useful for ChatGPT?

Enhanced Online Security

VPN is a tunnel connection that provides remote secure access to the Internet. A VPN encrypts your personal information and hides your IP address from others, so no one can identify your identity, or location, or know what sites you visit. A VPN allows you to protect yourself from hackers and gain access to sites and services intended for another country or region.

Without realizing it, you sometimes may share sensitive information with ChatGPT. For example, if you write articles or translate texts. So you still need to remember not to share your personally identifiable information (full name, address, phone number…), financial information, legal or contractual information, or sensitive work-related information (proprietary or confidential business information, trade secrets, or intellectual property).

Access any content, AI tools, and ChatGPT

Lots of countries have restrictions on accessing websites, online services, and AI applications such as ChatGPT. By using a VPN, you can hide your IP address and secure your internet connection. Just remember that VPN usage might be controlled in some places, so make sure to check and follow the laws before using one.

Avoid ISP Throttling

No matter what your ISP is, it sometimes may slow down your internet speed if you use a lot of data, for example, large files downloading, video chatting, or online gaming. It is how ISPs try to manage network traffic or even improve network performance.

We, at Planet VPN, know how irritating and slow the internet is, our team does everything to prevent this annoying throttling by encrypting your data, making it impossible for ISPs to monitor what you download online.

Public Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi is available practically everywhere in the world nowadays. Wi-Fi networks don’t require any authentication to access the Internet and it is not very good for safe online browsing. Using ChatGPT on public Wi-Fi networks can lead to many risks, and if you haven’t safeguarded your data, hackers can access it, steal it, or use it.

VPNs encrypt your data, making it extremely difficult for cybercriminals to intercept it. It protects users on public WI-FIs, which are usually unprotected. 


Planet VPN for ChatGPT

Free VPN by Planet VPN provides you with all the benefits of a premium VPN. Planet VPN provides a free VPN service with capabilities equal to paid options, except for a limited number of servers (5 in the free version against over 60 in the paid version). 

Planet VPN is a great tool that not only helps you to stay safe when you use ChatGPT but also improves your overall online experience just in one click. Planet VPN’s free VPN encrypts your internet connection, helps you access any content you want, and avoids ISP throttling. Our user-friendly interface, compatibility with various devices, and strict no-logging policy guarantee you smooth browsing without limits.

With Planet VPN you can safely use a ChatGPT as your virtual assistant for a safer and smoother surf of the Internet.