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Become a “citizen of the world” while you connect to Malaysian VPN server with Planet VPN and get unlimited access to all internet resources - including those blocked in your country. Your personal data and real IP addresses are protected with military-grade encryption and in addition you are guaranteed secure access to local internet resources as well.

Connection to the Malaysian VPN server when actually being in Malaysia ensures that the usage of public WiFi hotspots does not result in inconveniences. Our service guarantees secure encryption of the transmitted data whenever you are using public WiFi hotspots in restaurants, gas stations, airports etc. Direct connection to these networks leads to possibilities of numerous security breaches, such as the theft of personal data, credit card data and other confidential information transmitted through public WiFi from your device. Planet VPN helps to eliminate those risks while ensuring your anonymity.

3 steps to get Malaysian IP with Planet VPN

Step 1


Simply press “Download for free” on this webpage. Our VPN supports all major operating systems and devices.

Step 2


The installation process may vary depending on the type of your device. Planet VPN will either be downloaded on your PC, or you will be redirected to Play Market or Apple Store, where it will be installed on your mobile.

Step 3


Once the app is downloaded, you are free to install it and start straight away. Choose the desired VPN server from the list, in this case being Malaysian VPN.

Your device connects to your chosen free server and you get a fully anonymous and secure VPN connection. Account registration is not required, you don’t need to enter your personal data in order to start using Planet VPN with our free VPN servers.

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Advantages of using free Malaysian VPN server

Planet VPN does not store any activity logs of the users, but in addition our VPN server’s hard disks in Malaysia are fully encrypted. And if the HDDs happen to be somehow extracted from the server with the intent to get access to the system files, that would not be possible.

Get an additional layer of security while using dating and adult websites and services: your internet provider will not be able to record your online activity and traffic, you will keep your identity anonymous.

Malaysian VPN provides you with a completely secure connection to all local websites and services including Malaysian banks, media, government and other services.

We are trusted by more than 1 million users worldwide - join us!

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Free servers in 5 countries to your choice without restrictions


Support for all operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS


Extension for all browsers with Smart Filters: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge


1260+ servers · more than 60 countries · 5 continents for Premium accounts


Using the application without registering and entering personal data


We do not track data, do not keep connection logs, we provide reliable servers with VPN channel encryption

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