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Google integrates iOS tools into two-factor authentication of your account

Apparently, the use of a competitor’s third-party technology is not such an incredible step for many companies to develop their own and their services – and Google today announced a similar step, allowing the use of two-factor authentication for iOS devices. In particular, it became known that smartphone’s iPhone and iPad tablets have the ability to pass this authentication through their own set of proprietary security technologies when a user tries to enter their Google Account. However, this solution did not do without some technical points and questions.

Google integrates iOS tools into two-factor authentication

And above all, most users and mobile experts point out that the use of proprietary security technologies of iOS-systems may allow attackers to use the same methods of data hacking that were used before. In addition, there is the question of how effectively and robust user data is protected through two-factor authentication in Google using proprietary technologies such as Face ID and Touch ID.

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In any case, Google itself notes that according to preliminary tests, the use of these technologies in two-factor authentication has overcome many potentially dangerous segments and moments when entering user data. It’s not yet clear how Apple will respond, but we can assume that something similar is being prepared within its walls. Especially as far as further improvements to the Smart Lock application’s functionality are concerned.

Anyway, we can only guess how long Google has been doing these preliminary tests before finally presenting the release version of this two-factor authentication. In addition, some users raise reasonable questions that some of their user data might still be at risk of theft if that authentication were to bypass iOS tools.