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How COVID-19 Pandemic Situation Affecting Our Privacy

Undoubtedly, the need for isolation due to COVID-19 has dramatically increased the dependency of our daily life activities on Technology. The world Health Crisis has increased the challenges that we are facing in our lives. Together with the crucial health concerns of several people who are suffering from the Corona Virus, the overall economy of the world has also been affected.

Till now, the retailers were relying on China for supply chains. But unfortunately, the pandemic starts from China. Businesses and individuals now need to prepare themselves for a possible recession. On the other hand, the companies are facing human resources challenges every day because many of the workers are infected with the virus. The situation is similar across the world.

But another interesting fact you must notice is the effect of this pandemic on the online usage of data.

Overall dependency on the internet and online tools has been increased, which minimizes the risk of COVID-19.

But it also increases the threats of online activities. Everything is online nowadays. Employees of all companies are working from home. That’s why all of them need an extra layer of protection that can keep their identity hide from public internet and also provide protection of their data over the internet. Check out our best recommendations in this pandemic situation.

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Hackers are Super Active

Hackers are heartless, and this pandemic situation created an opportunity for them to intrude in private networks. The overall change in the daily routine lives and behaviors we have seen some of the online activities that are more vulnerable for public and vulnerability can make the hackers happy.

From the beginning of the pandemic, more than 4000 domains have been registered on coronavirus. And most of them have posted with the malware activities via fake medical forms and online COVID-19 testing.

In this regard, more than 7500 COVID-19 fraud cases have been reported in China. Due to the situation, the employees of Cybersecurity were absent; that’s why they, together with banks, start a campaign of stay aware of possible attacks that can cause damage financially to anyone.

Remote Access or Work From Home

The concept of remote access is not new as many renowned companies across the globe have already implemented the remote access solution so that they can easily maintain the balance in their work-lives. But if the concept of working from home is new for your business, then you must stay aware of the possible virus attacks that can become a cause of ransomware for you and your company.

However, a few of us feel that remote access or working from home is a dream, but on the other hand, for cybersecurity personnel, it is progressively like a bad dream.

Organizations discover it close to difficult to ensure that work from home is complying with all the security instructions or not. Secondly, the managing of information over the public network is also challenging for them because the exploitation of the data to the intruders can become a significant cause of damage for companies.

Online shopping got a boost in this pandemic situation. People prefer to order online for anything instead of leaving home. As a result, they boost up their shopping activities online, and ultimately, they are risking their financial data like credit card numbers, names, VCC, used by the hackers.

Scarifying the Privacy

Working from home has increased the online activities of individuals dramatically. Pandemic examinations turned events that, in the past, appeared to be a violation of privacy. To map the spreading risk of COVID-19 patients, the government authorities are collecting the information from our internet devices, debit cards, metro cards, and more.

Undoubtedly it is crucial to cooperate in this situation, but on the other hand, over privacy is also equally critical for the long term. It has been seen that cutting edge technologies & Artificial intelligence has been used to carry out such investigations. Still, the question is, how things look like once everything becomes normal? Does the usage of these innovative technologies & our willingness to sharing our medical & personal information with authorities possess any of the new risks?

To ensure your security and privacy, we recommend that you always use a VPN

Healthy Way to Tackle the Pandemic Situation

In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, all you need to keep in mind is important for all of us. We must follow the precautions that have been regulated by the authorities and our medical staff.

Together with the health precaution also follow the cybersecurity instructions passed by your IT experts so that you can protect both your data and health together in this pandemic situation. Think twice before sharing any data with anyone you don’t know.

We must pay our full attention to protect ourselves from any mishaps. Both the coronavirus and lack of data control can become a cause of uncontrollable disasters.