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How To: Delete a Facebook Account in 3 Simple Steps

Should the user delete Facebook permanently or simply deactivate the account first? There is a significant difference between these two actions, and account user must understand that deactivating account and access is reversible through reactivation.

How to Delete or Deactivate a Facebook Account

There are many helpful resources online to assist with these steps through reviews, deletion steps and testimonies. Tips and tricks to permanently delete the account are available on Google and other internet search engines. Learn how to delete a Facebook account easily through three easy steps or learn how to just deactivate the user’s account instead. Which option is up to the user to protect privacy and to remove access. The user may want to delete his or her account, but this often starts with a deactivation first. This action is temporary while the deletion of the account is usually permanent.

This starts with removing the following:

  • The Facebook Messenger app
  • All friends
  • Mobile access
  • Article content details
  • Removing online camera images in the account pages
  • Social media and account access
  • Other apps connected and various other items

To maintain security and privacy on different devices, we recommend using VPN for Android.

How to Deactivate the User’s Facebook Account

While the user can permanently delete Facebook, it is much easier to simply deactivate a Facebook account.

  1. First the user needs access to Facebook and then opens and the main page by using any browser to include Edge, Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Next, he or she clicks the account menu in the homepage.
  3. Settings is next and then the general option.
  4. Select manage your account and then deactivate your account for a temp deactivation at this point.
  5. Confirming this option is next and then the person is done.

Reactivation is possible after this point as long as the user does not delete the account completely.

How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

Permanently deleting the user’s account, is possible through using this link:
Learning how to permanently delete the account provides the user with completely removed access to Facebook pages that is irreversible. The account user can take the steps through the provided link and delete Facebook permanently or walk through the process manually.

This is not the same as learning how to deactivate Facebook because there is no undoing this action. Deletion is possible through the following electronics:

  • Steps with the phone
  • A desktop Windows or other OS computer
  • An iPhone
  • An Android device
  • Macs and Apple computers with another OS
  • Nearly any electronic made before the years 2019 and 2018 with some exceptions

Deletion is usually an immediately visible action that the individual makes with anonymous or invisible steps to others.

How to Download Your Facebook Info

Clicking the account menu in any browser such as Chrome or Safari, the user can download the user info from the Facebook pages. Taking this step, after the deactivate and before deletion, the user can protect the data from complete removal. The user can click on ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ from the General Account Settings section. Then, he or she will click Start My Archive. Once the action is complete, the user can decide to permanently delete the account without fear anything is completely lost even if inaccessible because of the deletion steps online.
Facebook Privacy

While many permanently deleting the Facebook account and access may protect privacy, this action is also possible through the user of Planet FreeVPN. There is no code to download the program or to install it. Access is as low as $4.99 a month with anonymity in browsing through this virtual private network. With this application, the user can protect Facebook interactions and keep the internet service provider from seeing what the person is doing as long as it is running. It is a reliable service that has near 100 percent uptime. Customer service to support the application is available at all times and can even walk the user through each step of the install and setting up the account for the new user.