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How To: Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

To delete a Twitter account, the user can navigate to his or her own account and remove access through there. The individual must be sure he or she is ready to remove the account completely because once it is no longer active, the person cannot cancel this action. The user can undo the request before complete, but not after. The deactivation will remove tweet info, follow requests, all past tweets, blocked users and the unblock ability as well as all filters, retweets and comments. The user cannot unfollow or open other details once the account is gone.

How to Delete Twitter on Desktop

To Delete Twitter on a desktop, the user first must open a browser. The individual can learn how to delete a Twitter account online or follow these steps:

  • Sign into the account on the website with any browser such as Chrome or Firefox
  • First click on the Settings option, then Privacy under the profile icon
  • Click Deactivate in the Account area next
  • Enter when prompted for the Twitter password and click Deactivate account to remove access on the desktop

These are the steps on a Windows desktop computer. However, similar steps are available on the Android or iOS phones. These steps are also the same for both 2018 and 2019 accounts in deleting access.

How to Delete Twitter Account on Android

To deactivate Twitter on the Android phone, the user will need to tap on the icon for the profile or the hamburger menu based on the app version installed. Settings and then account are next. Deactivate is available through the settings menu. Tapping this gets to the Twitter password to finally deactivate the account.

The user will then need to confirm that Yes, he or she wants to remove access on the phone. The option for this action is slightly different with both the iPhone and the desktop for Twitter. However, this how to delete twitter just for this type of phone.

How to Delete Twitter Account on iOS

Twitter delete account for the iOS phone are requires tapping on the profile icon on the Apple device. The user then selects settings, privacy and the Account. Hitting deactivate is next and then the user will need to put in the Twitter password for the account when the screen prompts for it. The user will then tap on yes to finally remove the account and deactivate it on the phone.

How to Deactivate Twitter Permanently

The address bar at the top is for all customers, users and clients of Twitter. The user can copy and paste the address or enter it manually. All filter details, downloads, mobile access and flags are no longer available. The ability to embed URLs is also gone with this account once deactivated.

Learning how to delete a Twitter account is important to permanently delete Twitter. Permanent deletion takes 30 days, but some content is still available until the site removes everything. The user can select the same username and create a new account.

Conclusion: Your Privacy

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