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Main Security Trends Based on Artificial Intelligence

Companies are always very concerned about protecting their customers’ data and their own IT systems when implementing artificial intelligence systems. In a recent survey conducted by HfS Research, nearly 50% of executives said that their security concerns were a major obstacle to implementing cognitive solutions in their IT departments. However, the truth is that AI can improve security parameters, which could be noticed as the pace of AI deployment accelerates in 2019

Cyber security will remain a priority for companies in 2019, especially with new data rules, as companies face potential lawsuits for inadequate protection of their customers’ data. As a result, companies will be looking for ways to use artificial intelligence tools to protect their business from potential threats, compliance and data protection. Preparing internal auditors for advanced security will be a key factor in ensuring compliance.


Companies will have “digital employees” and intelligent biometric systems as their first point of contact when customers contact customer service or sales. Instead of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or a person  for support services asking a series of repetitive questions to verify a customer’s identity, IA will make the process faster and more accurate, reducing time and human error. “Digital employees can verify the user based on real-time analysis or using biometric systems to confirm their voice or fingerprints. The addition of artificial intelligence to the company’s systems enables rapid detection of changes in patents and reduces the likelihood of operator error. Opus Research notes that next year, companies with more practical thinking will implement intelligent authentication to prevent fraudsters from gaining access to their data and to provide their customers with a more comfortable working environment. One of the most famous game developers in the world was recently able to protect game account details by employing “cognitive agents” that prevent phishing during calls in customer service, which stops fraudsters from getting to player accounts.  As a result, the digital employee checks customers faster and more accurately, and company’s employees can spend more time on expensive calls.

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