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Three US and UK teenagers arrested due to their link with the Twitter hack

It was easy for law enforcement agencies to trace and identify the culprits behind the massive twitter hack attack. In this hack, hackers tried to take over the accounts of various politicians, showbiz celebrities, and prominent personalities from the technology industry to scam people around the world out of bitcoin. Law enforcement agencies traced them from their bitcoin transactions.

The hacking group consisted of three male teens. One nineteen years old from the UK, a twenty-two-year-old from Orlando, and a seventeen-year teen boy from Tampa, Florida.

He faces 30 felony charges due its crime and participation in hack.

The youngest of the group from Florida is the ringleader of the plan. He has been prosecuted as an adult according to Florida laws. According to Florida laws, it is fine to treat minors as adults in hacking scams and financial frauds. According to security experts, it was no surprise for them because the plan as excited in an amateur manner. Moreover, US investigators from the Internal Revenue Service were easily able to identify the two hackers’ just form the bitcoin transactions. There were many loopholes in their planning.

Twitter hack consequences

It was the last month when some younger teenage hackers took control of various famous personalities, including Joe Bide, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and many others. Then these hackers tried to use the popularity of these account holders and sent a series of tweets. According to these tweets, your money would be doubled if sent bitcoin to a specific address online. Hackers waited for several amours to prevent any more compromised accounts from tweeting. What twitter did? As a result, twitter suspended all verified accounts with a blue tick.

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According to a representative of Social media giant twitter, the hack was the outcome of a spear-phishing attack. Spear-phishing hacks are different forms of ordinary phishing attacks. In spear-phishing attacks, hackers try to steal a person’s identity to achieve their targets or increase the likelihood of success in that scam.

The recent twitter attack was a unique scam in nature, such kind of scam as rarely seen. The hackers just made $120,000 in bitcoin from their victims. It is a big lesson for others, and hopefully, they would not try to follow them because hackers are in custody by law enforcement agencies.