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Top 7 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Connecting to Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fis are everywhere and easy to access. Not only are they easy to access, but they also are very convenient to us at coffee shops, airports, hotels, and other places. However, it is well-known that public Wi-FI has always been a target for cybercriminals who want to steal sensitive information. Find out 7 mistakes to avoid when connecting to public Wi-Fi.

Does vpn protect you on public wifi?

Mistake 1. Use public Wi-Fi without VPN

Does a VPN protect you on public WiFi? The answer is yes, it does! A common mistake is connecting to public Wi-Fi without a VPN. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, stopping hackers from accessing your data. Always use a reputable VPN service while accessing public networks. Stay safe from IP tracking, cyber threats, and targeted ads with our free VPN from Planet VPN. Enjoy uninterrupted browsing with no limits on traffic, bandwidth, or time.

Planet VPN also has a Premium version. With Premium, you can access over 1260 servers and connect up to ten devices simultaneously, covering all your devices.

Mistake 2. Ignore Security Warnings

Security alerts are the alerts that tell you when something might be unsafe on your device. They appear when there’s a risk, like connecting to sketchy Wi-Fi or clicking on a dangerous link.

Monitor security alerts when connecting to public Wi-Fi. Ignoring them can leave your device vulnerable to cyber threats like hacking or malware. Be careful and weigh the risks before joining any network.

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Mistake 3. Access Sensitive Information

While connected to public Wi-F, avoid sharing sensitive information such as your bank details or personal email as hackers can easily view your business. It’s safe to wait until you’re connected to secure Wi-Fi or use your mobile data. 

Mistake 4. Turn off Firewall and Antivirus Software

Some users turn off their firewall or antivirus software to improve internet speeds when using public Wi-Fi. It is a huge mistake. You leave your device vulnerable to cyber attacks!

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Mistake 5. Auto-connect to Networks

Many devices have a feature that allows them to connect to accepted Wi-Fi networks. Although simple, this feature can unknowingly connect your device to insecure networks. Enable the auto-connect setting and manually select the network to ensure you are connected to the correct and secure options.

Mistake 6. Visit Unencrypted Websites

Web pages without encryption (HTTPS) are more likely to be hijacked, which means cybercriminals can overhear your online activity. Always prioritize sites with a padlock icon in the address bar and URLs beginning with “https://” to provide sensitive data. 

Mistake 7. Ignore Software Updates of All Your Devices

Obviously, you have to regularly upgrade your software and make your information impossible to intercept. In this way, you’ll protect your data from hackers, third parties different kinds of malware.

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To sum up, always try to avoid the top 7 common mistakes listed above to stay secure on public Wi-Fi.
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