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What is the best password manager in 2024

What is the best password manager

In today’s digitalized world, one of the things you definitely don’t want to allow is to forget your password. Meanwhile, this situation is more than likely. To avoid it, people often resort to the most obvious (and the most erroneous) strategy, choosing very simple passwords or duplicating them for different services. This behavior makes their accounts vulnerable to hacking and cyberattacks. At the same time, there is a much more effective solution: using password managers (PMs). With this article, you will be able to choose the best password managers to acquire or get for free.

Best free password manager

Regardless of how liberal the prices are, not all web users can afford a PM subscription. Therefore, it is logical to first look at the free options that this segment offers. Typically, the main features that distinguish free programs from paid ones are limited storage space, inability to use them on several devices, or restrictions on sharing paroles with others. If your goal is merely to keep your passwords in one place, a free program can satisfy your needs.

Best PMs

These password managers are the most reliable

Even a free PM can be an effective tool if it meets the following criteria:

  • Sophisticated encryption that ensures security.
  • Basic features such as autofill, parolegeneration, and safe data storage.
  • Constant access to support.
  • Ease of use and intuitive interface.

Given the above, here are some of the most reliable free PMs available today:

  • LastPass
  • Bitwarden
  • RememBear
  • NordPass
  • Sticky Password

Each of these programs’ free plans has specific peculiarities of use. Due to their frequent changeability, it is best for you to find up-to-date information on the PM’s official web page prior to installing it.

Best subscription password manager

Free PMs may be enough to cover your basic needs. Meanwhile, if you have funds that you can allocate for this purpose, it is highly recommended for you to purchase a subscription and use all features that these programs can provide for you. The paid plan removes all free mode restrictions, providing numerous features such as sharing passwords, applying the program to various devices, and many other valuable characteristics. At the same time, you should approach a paid service selection with full responsibility so as not to waste money. In today’s market, the following subscription-based PMs are perceived as the best:

  • LastPass
  • Keeper
  • 1Password
  • Dashlane
subscription-based password managers

The most reliable subscription-based PMs

In the next section, we will look at each of these programs’ benefits in more detail.

The best password managers you can buy today


The main peculiarity of LastPass is the fact that its unpaid plan provides users with almost the full range of characteristics that such programs can guarantee. However, when you purchase a subscription plan, your opportunities increase even more. With the premium version of this program, you will be able to use limitless storage, send your passwords to any recipient of your choice, monitor the dark web, and perform a wide range of other functions.


Keeper is a reliable and secure program. These features are its main advantages. Although Keeper does not provide unlimited password storage (with the most extended plan, you will have 10 GB available), it performs all the essential functions that a PM should have. It also has a meager chance of being hacked.


The main advantages of 1Password compared to other PMsare its security and ease of use. The program interface is intuitive. At the same time, your data will get extra protection through built-in authenticators and biometric logins. Moreover, 1Password offers its users a two-week free trial, during which people can understand whether they want to continue using the program or unsubscribe before the first funds are withdrawn from their accounts.


Dashlane’s competitive advantage is its high password-generation capabilities and intuitive user experience. Besides, this program has a built-in VPN which provides high speed and extra security means, significantly increasing the program’s reliability.


Dashlane is one of the ,most reliable password managers

Can password managers be hacked?

PMs are used to make your online experience safer. However, unfortunately, like any other software, they can be hacked. At the same time, the probability of such a scenario is very low. Moreover, PMs protect your data by encrypting it. The chances that attackers will be able to intercept your data and use it against you are low. Therefore, when you use a reliable PM, hacking your devices can cause you much less harm than it could if you did not use this service.

How do password managers guarantee your password security?

With all of the above, PMs will help you significantly increase the safety of online activities in general and passwords, in particular. These programs ensure the secure storage of your passwords, the generation of new complicated paroles, data encryption, and many other useful features. Moreover, some of them also provide additional services like built-in VPNs. Taken together, all these features ensure increased safety of your digital experience.