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Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Should Use

Chrome enjoys a broad user base, which is not surprising since it has excellent features, good extensions, and works across all devices. But, users of late have started looking for a Chrome alternative as there are issues with privacy and security.

From being unable to use an adblocking extension to reduced user privacy, it is becoming less and less attractive for users now.

If you are addicted to Google’s product, it is difficult to switch over to an alternative.

But, what if the Google Chrome alternative gives better features, in addition to taking care of your safety and privacy? Yes, there are several such browsers that you can use. Read on to know about these browsers and their features. You are sure to find one that meets your specific needs.


Vivaldi is a Chromium-based browser so, among other things, you can still use your regular extensions. Another advantage that it offers is that it does not support Manifest V3, the update that breaks adblockers. Other pros include strong privacy elements.

The Vivaldi browser does not track, but the only drawback (as considered by some) is that it uses Bing as its search engine and boasts a cluttered tab area. If you do not prefer using Bing, you can go for privacy-centric browsers like DuckDuckGo to browse online.


Privacy and safety take precedence with Opera, which has a built-in adblocker to enable secure web browsing. You also get alerts on suspicious sites by verifying your requests based on a list of malware and phishing sites. Since it does not support the Manifest V3 changes, it is an excellent Google Chrome alternative to use.



Brave is another Chrome replacement that does not support the adblocker changes that the US company has in place. If you are concerned about privacy, this is a fine choice.

It blocks all trackers and third-party advertisements, making browsing a breeze. Brave also has ad opt-in where users are paid for ad viewing without affecting their privacy.

SRWare Iron

If you are in search of a browser like Chrome without the safety hassles associated with it, try SRWare Iron to browse online. Most of the problems that Google functions pose are disabled here, making it more efficient. Timestamp, Google Updater, URL tracker, Client ID, and alternate error pages are the things you will not find in SRWare Iron.

Microsoft Edge


As one of the new Chrome-based browsers, Microsoft Edge has the advantage of having built-in Microsoft-developed features, such as Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, integration with Office 365, password manager, translator, and search engine features. And, it is compatible with all Google apps, too.

However, this alternative to Chrome has one drawback: it uses only Bing as its default search engine. Cortana integration, improved scrolling, and various other enhanced features are in the pipeline for this browser. Last but not least, it includes a nice tab area.

Slimjet Browser

As a Chrome alternative, this web browser presents some unique features, including security and integration-related features.

Some of the excellent and exclusive features of this browser are improved compatibility with extensions, social sharing, download manager, built-in ad blocker, photo compression, and quick tab interface and startup.

It does not collect user data, and its anti-tracking feature rejects other third-party attempts to invade privacy. The browser offers multiple protective layers from phishing and malware and has advanced options for privacy control. The only gripe with this browser is that it does not come with automatic updates while you browse.


As a popular alternative to Chrome, Torch provides unique features. It is one of the fastest loading browsers featuring download accelerator and torrent client. The Torch player allows you to watch videos even before the download is completed. The facelift and music feature enables customized design for Facebook and listening to tracks easily.

The browser has some drawbacks, however. For one, not all the extensions work here. It is complicated and cluttered when compared to other Chromium browsers. Furthermore, a few of the features do not work correctly, and the tab area is a little hard to use.

Comodo Dragon

Available for use on Windows, Comodo Dragon is one of the Chromium-based browsers that look identical to Google’s product. However, this Chrome alternative does not use tracking and various other features that compromise privacy. Additionally, the browser has special security measures, including authenticity indicator and SSL certificate strength of a website.

This browser features a built-in updater and a secure DNS. However, it lacks proper developer updates and is not as fast as other Google Chrome alternative browsers featured here.


Yandex is a fast, clean-looking browser that supports all major extensions, which are definite advantages that you will not say no to. Created mainly for the Russian market, it is the largest web browser in Russia with over 50% of users there.

Owned by Yandex, a Russian corporation with one of the most visited websites, the browser has a simple interface, compresses videos and images in case of slow connections, secures all open Wi-Fi connections, and enables secure mode for banking. What’s more, it features a built-in block for NSFW material, including ads.

Moreover, the browser does not take up as much RAM compared to Chrome, even when you open plenty of pages. It is also better for search in the Russian language and is popular among Android users. A significant drawback of the browser is the inability to install it for multiple Windows users.

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If you want to use a better browser than Chrome, especially in the privacy department, Epic is a good choice. It collects only the barest minimum of data from every browsing session and deletes all cookies, cache, browsing history, and more.

It does not allow tracking from other parties; hence, it does not have Google integration. The extensions and widgets are also minimal. Moreover, since it enables proxy service, you don’t need to use any VPN, change settings, or get add-ons for the incognito mode to ensure privacy.

The Chromium browser is created by Hidden Reflex, an Indian-based company. It is available for macOS and Windows. Other beneficial features include the Do Not Track header and preferring sites with SSL connection. Address bar suggestion and tracking of installation are not allowed by the Epic browser, which ensures users don’t need to worry about possible data leakage.

The downsides include incompatibility with password managers, skipping of standard modifiers for search, and difficulty in viewing certain websites.

Still Haven’t Found Your Favorite?

If your experience makes you totally shun all the alternatives above, something like Firefox is a choice to consider. This is a privacy-centric browser that does not sell user data to third parties.

The constant updates ensure privacy, and user protection is quite sophisticated. One of the privacy-centric features is its default blocking of third-party tracking cookies. The browser has several extensions that can be used for making your browsing sessions private and completely secure.

Now that you have gone through our reviews of the best alternatives for Chrome that give importance to user privacy, you are sure to find one that fits your requirements. With so many options present, you will not be tied to the Google product anymore.

While it is still difficult to move on to a new browser after you have been using Chrome for a long time, switching over to browsers with better features will benefit you in many ways. You can also try several options before you choose one to visit that favorite website of yours.