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Federal Communications Commission Forced to Unveil the IP Address of Sham Net Neutrality Comments

The Manhattan Federal Judge has ordered the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to give access to the log server to the two investigators so that they can fetch out new in-depth knowledge and understandings of the decision of rolling back internet neutrality back in 2017.

From the New York Times newspaper, the Gabriel Dance & Nicholas Confessore sued the FCC under the act of FOI (Freedom of Information) just right after the FCC companies refused the request of showing the logs of users to anyone.

The main reason behind to view the logs is that logs files comprehend originating IP addresses of hundreds of thousands of comments that have been sent to the Federal Communications Commission just before its vote back in 2017 December.

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While the company denied the journalists’ underlying solicitation to see the logs, District Judge Lorna Schofield accepts that releasing the logs of comments could help them to explain whether false actions are associated with the period of public comments of not.

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FCC logs

While in the court the Federal Communications Commission made contention that getting a large number of IP addresses from the logs files of public Wi-Fi would be an

“Unjustifiable Attack on Individual Security”.

Judge Schofield didn’t completely disagree with the company’s contention. Nonetheless, she likewise noticed that the Federal Communications Commissions had neglected to clarify precisely why the revelation of the logs would hurt the individuals who commented to roll back the net neutrality. Moreover, the Judge Schofield reached the decision that revealing the data would be progressively important to people in general, saying that in this situation the interest of the public in privacy is important because the crucial nature of public comments is great. If the genuine or the real public comment is muffled by a false copy, then at that point the process of notification & comment has been badly failed.

When the journalists get the logs from the FCC, we’ll likely realize the appropriate response with respect to whether the company utilized bogus comments to push the net neutrality rollback through.

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