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Work from Home? Microsoft Edge V84 is a good reason to Ditch Chrome


After a long journey of Microsoft internet explorer and less welcoming to the initial MS Edge web browser version, Microsoft is now curious to launch the new chromium version of the Edge web browser. In this regard, the company is busy actively adding several new options and features. The latest version of this web browser is mainly focused on the privacy & security that ultimately makes it ideal for working remotely or working from home.

The primary change identifies with the Profiles feature of the browser, and it comes as excellent news for any individual who is utilizing Edge to bob between perusing the Internet just for fun and utilizing it for work.

Microsoft has made it simpler to create and switch between profiles so you can keep your work and other activities independent.
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With Edge 83, Microsoft has made it simple to make a profile, however, has made different improvements to the list of features. When you have made work and individual profile – simply click your profile symbol to the upper right of the edge web browser window and select Add a profile. And above all, you can use the same menu to switch between different profiles you created.

Not only this, but you can also use the desktop shortcut for each & individual profile so that you can easily switch between anyone you want. Moreover, Microsoft also allows you to switch between different profiles automatically. Simply it based on the location. When

you take your PC or laptop from home to the workplace; Edge will automatically distinguish that you’re in another place not at home and launch the applicable profile for you.

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Privacy & Security

Microsoft has additionally made some significant security changes to Edge to make it a more secure web browser for browsing the internet 24/7, regardless of whether for work or entertainment. Currently, this web browser is available in the beta version for testing. Edge Version 84 comprises of changes to the SmartScreen feature that is highly capable of blocking unnecessary downloads & malicious websites.

These series of changes in MS Edge V84 are now capable of blocking that application that can are auto-download as DirectInvoke or ClickOnce apps. By blocking increasingly malicious and suspicious applications in this way, Microsoft is a strong emphasis on the privacy and security of the users while surfing the Internet & with this, it is ready to overtake Google Chrome.