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How to delete a Planet VPN account

To delete your Planet VPN account, you need to submit a request to our support service at .
In the request, you will need to provide several details for us to confirm your account ownership:
  • Specify the email address you used for registering the account.
  • Indicate the subscription plan.
  • Provide the payment amount.
  • Mention the payment date.
  • Specify the payment method.
  • Briefly describe the reason for deletion.
Within 24 hours, we will get in touch with you regarding your request. If you don’t have any active subscriptions/payments in your account, simply provide the email address and reason.
Please note that we may require additional information. Stay connected with our support service, otherwise, the request will be closed without further consideration.
Example of an inquiry:

How to Safeguard Your Data When Deleting Your Planet VPN Account

While deleting your Planet VPN account is a straightforward process, it’s important to take some precautions to safeguard your data during and after the deletion. Here are some steps to ensure your data privacy:

  1. Back up your data: Before initiating the account deletion process, ensure you have a backup of any important data you’ve stored in your Planet VPN account. This might include login credentials, server settings, or any saved configurations.
  2. Clear your devices: Sign out of your Planet VPN account on all devices where you’ve used the service. This will prevent any automatic reconnection attempts after the account is deleted.
  3. Revoke permissions: If you’ve granted any third-party applications or services access to your Planet VPN account, revoke those permissions. This ensures that no external apps can access your VPN account information after it’s deleted.
  4. Check for auto-renewals: If your subscription was set to auto-renew, make sure to disable this feature to prevent any unexpected charges.
  5. Change passwords: If you’ve used your Planet VPN account password for other services, consider changing those passwords to enhance your overall online security.
  6. Monitor your email: After your account is deleted, periodically check your email for any communication from Planet VPN’s support team regarding the account deletion process.

How to Safeguard Your Data When Deleting Your Planet VPN Account

By following these steps, you can safely delete your Planet VPN account and protect your data and privacy during the process. Remember that our support team is available to assist you at every step, ensuring a seamless experience.