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How to watch Amazon Prime with a VPN in 2024

It is not a secret that Amazon Prime Video shows you content depending on the country or area you are currently located in. If you want to watch content from other countries, a VPN can help you unlock movies, shows, and sports that might be restricted in your area.

Amazon Prime algorithms effectively block many VPNs, only a few VPN providers can show you all Amazon Prime content. Let us discover more about the VPN and Amazon Prime.

How to watch Amazon Prime with a VPN

Why use a VPN with Amazon Prime?

VPN makes your internet connection more secure by keeping your data safe from potential threats. This is important, especially when you are streaming on Amazon Prime and using public Wi-Fi.

As we talked about earlier, the content you can watch on Amazon Prime changes depending on where you are. A VPN helps you avoid these location restrictions, so you can watch movies and TV shows from different places.

Sometimes, your internet provider might slow down your connection if they see you using a lot of data. A VPN hides what you are doing online, so your provider can’t decrease your streaming speed.

Planet VPN for Amazon Prime

To begin your journey of accessing Amazon Prime with a VPN, you need a reliable VPN service. For this guide, let’s consider Planet VPN.

Set Up Your VPN

Go to the Planet VPN website, and download free VPN for any device. Planet VPN is a service with no traffic, bandwidth, or time limits. You simply need to download and connect because there is no registration or requirement for personal data.

Connect to a Server

After downloading a VPN, select a server location. Planet VPN offers a free VPN service that matches paid options in features, with the only difference being the number of servers – 5 in the free version and over 60 in the paid version. When using Amazon Prime, it’s advisable to connect to a server in the country where the content you want to watch is available. For instance, if you aim to access U.S.-exclusive content, connect to a U.S. server.

Access Amazon Prime Content

You can either open the Amazon Prime app on your phone or get on the Amazon Prime website. Use your login credentials. In connection with the VPN, you should be able to access all the text and images, as the content library is now expanded. Start streaming your top movies and programs with the same zero location barriers.

Troubleshooting Tips

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can enhance your chances of enjoying a seamless Amazon Prime streaming experience with your VPN.

Amazon Prime vpn not working

Choose the Right Server

Test numerous servers to identify the server that allows you to stream the best and most stable. Sometimes changing the server can help you solve that problem of poor connection channels, which in turn gives you the most perfect and uninterrupted connection. In Amazon Prime, such sessions can be conducted.

Check Your Internet Connection

A stable and high-speed internet connection is important for uninterrupted streaming. Ensure you have a reliable connection. To enjoy smooth streaming with a VPN, check your internet stability first. Also, make sure your VPN software is up to date. Regular updates often include fixes for compatibility issues, ensuring optimal performance with various streaming platforms.

Clear Browser Cache

Sweeping out the browser cache is key to better streaming, and using a VPN would probably be a more suitable option if you want to watch Amazon Prime films. Go to your browser’s configuration page, locate the privacy or history section, and opt to remove your browsing information.

How to clear browser cache

Legal Considerations

It is worth mentioning that though using a VPN for bypassing Amazon Prime geo-restriction is popular among users, sometimes it breaches Amazon’s “terms of service” which might make it an unwanted action. You must follow not only the VPN service provider’s security protocols but also the ones Amazon Prime has.

For instance, sometimes Amazon Prime prevents a VPN from connecting to their network by blocking certain IP addresses. If you are in any difficulties, contact the technical support experts of your VPN provider for solutions.

Watch amazon prime with VPN

In conclusion, using a VPN to watch Amazon Prime in 2024 is a great option as it allows you to access a wider range of content regardless of your location.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can enhance your streaming experience, unblock geo-restricted content, and enjoy a more secure online environment. However, it’s essential to be aware of the legal considerations and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the process.

Download free VPN by Planet VPN and experience a world of seamless browsing now. Stream videos, play games, and explore more with our secure servers, ensuring your online anonymity.