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Insulting comments in Instagram

Earlier this year one of the most popular Instagram applications launched a new feature.
Its main task is to analyze written comments and warn the author before they are published that they may be offensive.

Insulting comments in Instagram

Now the company has extended this function. Preventive marking of potentially offensive photo signatures at the stage of publication became possible.
The program warns the user with a pop-up window that his signature, in Instagram’s AI’s opinion, may be offensive or violate the law.

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But it should be noted that the new functionality will not prevent users from publishing their angry comments.
According to the company’s representatives, these functions will only give the users an opportunity to think about the words they have written and possibly change them. Which in turn will reduce the number of insults and hatred in the network.

When the user writes a comment there will be an inscription in which it will be stated: “This signature looks like the others who complained about”.
This notification offers a range of options to edit your text, learn more about the feature, and leave everything intact. That is why the new feature should not be considered as a means of protecting the use from offensive comments. Actually only the user who publishes the comment, can edit it.

Instagram says the feature is also rolling out slowly, initially in select markets, then globally in the “coming months” — meaning 2020.

Among other things, the company said that they expect that this feature will help users to find out what things are prohibited or undesirable in the Instagram network, and what their statements may lead to further disabling of the account.

disable comments to individual posts, delete subscribers and filter comments

We would like to emphasize that the new features do not block the possibility of comments placement, Instagram has included several additional features to help users who suffered from online abuse. For example, you can disable comments to individual posts, delete subscribers and filter comments.

Only the fact that such functions appeared only after 10 years of the company’s work is disappointing. Developments in the sphere of artificial intelligence and text analysis have made this tool more molten and useful.yu but a simpler version of these functions could have been created quite a long time ago.

The company said that the function is being tested in separate categorial sectors of the network and will be introduced throughout the Instagram network in 2020.