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Many Sites Have Become Unavailable Due to Cloudflare Outage

The world’s largest DNS service Cloudflare reported performance issues. Due to a malfunction, the global Internet has stopped working for 30 minutes.

Cloudflare Outage

What countries suffered from failures?

According to the company, interruptions in the work of Cloudflare status have arisen in many countries around the world, including Russia, China, the United States, Great Britain, France and Poland. Due to the fall of the service, access to a large number of sites has disappeared, including the site checking availability of Internet resources Downdetector.

Crashmap of the Cloudflare

Cloudflare malfunction map

After a while, the Downdetector resumed its work. According to this resource, the greatest number of failures in Cloudflare occurred in Europe and the USA.
Solution to the problem. Cloudflare founder Matthew Prins, in his Twitter account, said that the company is working on the resumption of its services.

Cloudflare Report

What we know about Cloudflare?

This is a US company that provides protection against DDoS attacks, secure access to resources and DNS servers.

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