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Best Browser For Internet Privacy

In the modern day world there are dozens of different of web browsers to choose from when it comes to internet browsing. Have you ever wondered what is the most secure web browser? Which one has strong privacy stools, a built in ad blocker, or maybe even perhaps a search engine with a built in VPN? Then this article is exactly what you have been searching for! Be prepared to have all of your search engine related questions answered in just a few paragraphs.

Most Secure Internet Browser

Mozilla Firefox is known as one of the safest web browsers went it comes to internet privacy. The search engine itself is extremely fast, and light on system resources. Firefox has recently released its biggest update which has managed to propel itself to the top of almost every single respectable browser ranking website. Firefox experienced hard times before the update due to the fact that it was lagging behind other browsers in terms of speed and security. Everything changed after Firefox released its latest update, Firefox Quantom. It was a total game changer for the company due to the search engines code base, and speeds that could easily outperform even Google Chrome. Overall, Firefox is known as the most private browser.

Firefox is also the headliner when it comes to the best browsers for privacy. Since Mozilla is a non-profit, they do not have the same temptation as other search engines to sell your data to third parties. The search engine also constantly works on updates to protect its users privacy, unlike other companies that are understand constant scrutiny due to the fact that they sell out their clients data to third party companies/organizations. Firefox is one of the only search engines that care that much about their users privacy to the extent where they don’t sell out.

+ Quickly navigates the web– No live support
+ Reliably blocks malware– Hard to find

Fastest Browser Out There

Google chrome is known as a incredibly stable, and brilliantly presented browser that is always in the top of any rankings when it comes to search engines. Chrome has a wide range of easily accessible extensions, which also have a wide range of settings that can help you optimize the performance of them for maximum efficiency. Besides Chrome being a wildly successful browser, it also has its downsides.

Chrome is the heaviest out of all search engines, and it takes a lot of effort for devices with little RAM to perform its functions at usual speeds. Because Chrome is Google’s product, there is little trust to the privacy of the search engine. A lot of the browsers users are uncomfortable with how their browsing data is being used by Google for its ad campaigns. Have you ever noticed how you google something, and then all of a sudden you have all sorts of ads related to what you googled appear on other websites that you use such as Facebook? Well, thats google stalking you and your data!

+ Sync settings available on all your devices– No phone support
+ Compatible with all platforms and devices– Not trustworthy

The Most Underrated Browser

Opera is by far the most underrated browser on the market. The browser is well known for having an integrated ad-blocker, as well as excellent turbo mode. The turbo feature compresses web traffic, routing it through specific servers, which in return boosts the browsing speed.Even though Opera only holds 1% of the search engine market, it is without a doubt a high quality browser. The only real negative aspect of this search engine is that it has a limit on plugins which you could use, so Opera is without a doubt not a good choice for those of you who constantly use all sort of plugins for work related projects.

+ Integrated Ad blocker– Not recognized by older websites

The Default Browser Experience

Microsoft Internet Explorer used to be a dominant player on the browser market, but it has drastically fell behind its two closest competitors (Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). Internet Explorer has released its latest update, Internet Explorer 11 which has a clean design, a frugal use of resources, and consumes less RAM and CPU than its competitors.

The last couple of years the browser has really been working on itself to improve the public’s image of the search engine, due to many years of poor quality speed, and overall support of the browser. It seems that they are doing a good job, and may be back in the browser domination race soon!

+ Has telephone support– Capability Issues

The Mac Lord

Safari is without a doubt the best choice for a Mac or IOS device, since the browser was specifically designed to work with them. It is lighting fast when it gets to connecting to websites, and tends to load full websites in under 3 seconds. Safari is extremely easy to use, and if you have any questions, they offer telephone support to their users.

Unlike other browser communities, safari users are very active on all sorts of tech forums, so you could easily find an answer to your question that is related to the browser on any related technical forum.

+ Loads websites quickly– Isn’t compatible with Windows and Android systems
+ Offers phone support– Can’t customize toolbars

Other Security Browsers

Besides the search engines listed above, there are less popular choices that are each unique in their own way. Vivaldi for example is extremely customizable with very creative interface features. All of this comes with one down side. It is definitely not the fastest browser out there. We also have the Tor Browser, which is generally used mostly buy constant visitors of the “dark” web. Tor users use the search engine because it is extremely hard to track traffic, thus, making you close to untrackable when using it. You will definitely have to change the way you are used to using search engines to ensure that you don’t reveal your identity.

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Internet safety is without a doubt the next big thing internet users should start worrying about. There is no better way to protect yourself than to use browsers with a VPN. Planet VPN stands out amongst other VPN providers due to the fact that it has next generation encryption codes and servers, which give zero chances to any third parties to get your personal information.

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