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Tips to Fix Slow VPN Connection

The question of how to increase VPN speed is a common one if you are a consistent VPN user. In the modern day world, it is an absolute must to take care of your cyber identity and security. To do so, you must understand how to speed up your vpn when it starts loading longer than usual! Make your VPN connection faster by performing these simple, yet effective steps to boost your vpn speed!

Restart Your Device

In most cases, your VPN speed may be acting up simply because the device you are using is working at maximum speed for a long period of time. All it could really need is a simple restart! This is a very simple, yet in most cases, effective way to improve your signal  and get you back on track to fast and secure internet browsing.

Wifi or Wired Connection   

A weak wifi connection is a VPNs worst nightmare. Wifi connections may be fast when you are browsing the web without a VPN, but when you have a weak Wifi connection with a VPN working, that tends to be a nerve wrecking experience.

The main issue with a Wifi connection is that it uses a shared channel that disperses its internet to any devices that are in range, and that have been previously connected. That could be up to 10 devices! We highly recommend that if you have the chance, choose a wired connection to enjoy the fastest  speeds possible! Of course, none of this applies to you if you have a premium package with your internet provider with exceptional Wifi speeds.

Encryption Level Adjustments

The tighter the encryption level settings, the higher your internet connection speed must be for it to not affect your connection when on a VPN. We recommend this way of increasing your speed only if you use a VPN for accessing geo-restricted content, rather than protecting your cyber identity and information. If you are connected to a public hotspot, we highly recommend that under no circumstance must you weaken your encryption level. Only take into consideration if you are at home.

Change Server Location

Depending on your geographical location, the further the server you decide to connect to, it may affect your  loading and processing speed. Private internet access could be slow if you decided to connect to a Japanese server from the UK. Play around with different server locations to choose the best speed that fits your needs.

Change Your Protocol Settings

Your protocol settings depend on your internet provider (IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP and etc.). Try switching up between your options and try to understand which one works best for you and your VPN!

Check Your Internet Speed

Your internet speed is one of the main factors that directly affects your VPN connection. If your connection is slow from the start, you will definitely have a hard time loading anything. We recommend before even starting your VPN, to check your internet signal without a VPN connection. This way you will be able to tell right from the beginning if there is problem with the VPN, or, if it’s just your weak internet connection.

To secure a secure Internet connection, we recommend – using a VPN for the Router!

Network Configuration Problems

Network configuration problems can be a source of numerous difficulties and misunderstandings in the realm of information technology. Incorrectly configured network settings can lead to network failures, data loss, and even security vulnerabilities. These issues can manifest in various ways, including slow network performance, intermittent connectivity problems, or complete network outages.

Common network configuration problems include misconfigured IP addresses, subnet masks, gateway settings, and DNS configurations. These issues can disrupt communication between devices, making it difficult for them to find and connect to one another. Additionally, incorrect firewall rules or port forwarding settings can block desired network traffic or expose sensitive systems to potential threats.

Network Configuration Problems

To address network configuration problems, IT professionals must meticulously review and adjust network settings, ensuring they align with the intended network architecture. Regular network audits and monitoring can help detect and resolve configuration issues promptly, ensuring a stable and secure network environment.

Restart Your Modem/Router

It is becoming a trend for well informed and active internet users to install VPNs to their modems and routers. If you are experiencing lag when browsing the web via your VPN, you should restart it. Also, do not forget to take into consideration the fact that a VPN connection via a router is generally slower than connecting directly from a device. If whatever you are doing needs a fast connection, we recommend you use the VPN directly on your device, not via a router.

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